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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Judge's Ten Commandments

Dear America,

In my heart, I believe the First Amendment
has a spiritual dimension, which is often
overlooked.  It is evident to me that,
working as it should, the First Amendment
prohibits government from interposing itself
between mankind (both genders) and the Most High;  
it thus frees Us to seek, and find, our own paths
back to our Maker, without needing to struggle with, 
and stumble over, the competition for authority 
which inevitably arises from abuse of governmental 

There is, then, a danger that arises when Our
government even appears to endorse, or approve,
of any particular religion.  It is one thing
to find, as a matter of history, that America
was initially populated by earnest People who 
professed the Christian faith, as opposed, say,
to Islam, Hinduism, or what have you.  It would 
not be improper for a court to find, as a 
matter of fact, that this was indeed the case. 

On the other hand, to say that America is
a Christian nation, and to make such a
declaration "official" in any way, runs the
risk of alienating others who might interpret
such a policy, as one which discourages all other
religions from practicing faith, in America.
This has, clearly, a chilling effect expressly
prohibited by the First Amendment proper.

I believe the answer to this dilemma is to be
found in the spirit of the Statue of Liberty,
and not in the letter of any statutes or codes.
America has always been famous for its staunch,
even jealous, adherence to religious freedom.
Many immigrants, over two centuries, have fled
to America, and found harbor from the religious
persecution they have suffered in their own lands.
And so, they sought to make America their new land,
often at immense, incalculable personal sacrifice.  

Accordingly, if Christian Americans should ever 
stand in their way, we would surely cease,
at that very moment, to be Christian in any
respect whatsoever.

"Give Me your tired, your poor, your huddled
 masses, yearning to breathe free ...
"The wretched refuse of your teeming shore."
"Come to Me, all of you who hunger and thirst
 for justice, and you shall be satisfied."

I can only end this message with a statement
that was published in the manual for new citizens, 
by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 
as late as the year 1990.  

The power of this statement is evident
in its ability to move me, time and time again,
no matter how many times I read it:

[This text is formatted in Courier 11, non-proportional spacing.]

     We don't need to reach far back into another century to find
proof that  the People are sovereign.  In a Department of Justice
manual revised in the year 1990 (Document No. M-230), the meaning
of American  Citizenship was  described with  these eloquent  and
moving   words   by   the   Commissioner   of   Immigration   and
Naturalization:  "You are no longer a subject of a government!"

                  The Meaning of American Citizenship
             Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization

          Today you have become a citizen of the United States of
     America.   You are  no longer an Englishman, a Frenchman, an
     Italian, a Pole.  Neither are you a hyphenated-American -- a
     Polish-American, an  Italian-American.   You are no longer a
     subject of  a government.   Henceforth,  you are an integral
     part of  this Government  -- a  free man -- a Citizen of the
     United States of America.

          This citizenship,  which has been solemnly conferred on
     you, is a thing of the spirit -- not of the flesh.  When you
     took the  oath of  allegiance to  the  Constitution  of  the
     United  States,  you  claimed  for  yourself  the  God-given
     unalienable rights  which that sacred document sets forth as
     the natural right of all men.

          You have  made sacrifices  to reach  this desired goal.
     We, your  fellow citizens,  realize this,  and the warmth of
     our welcome  to you  is increased proportionately.  However,
     we would tincture it with friendly caution.

          As you  have learned during these years of preparation,
     this great  honor carries  with it  the duty to work for and
     make  secure  this  longed-for  and  eagerly-sought  status.
     Government under our Constitution makes American citizenship
     the highest  privilege and  at the  same time  the  greatest
     responsibility of any citizenship in the world.

          The important  rights that are now yours and the duties
     and  responsibilities   attendant  thereon   are  set  forth
     elsewhere in  this manual.  It is hoped that they will serve
     as a  constant reminder that only by continuing to study and
     learn about  your new country, its ideals, achievements, and
     goals, and  by everlastingly working at your citizenship can
     you enjoy  its fruits  and  assure  their  preservation  for
     generations to follow.

          May you  find in  this Nation  the fulfillment  of your
     dreams of  peace and  security, and  may America,  in  turn,
     never find you wanting in your new and proud role of Citizen
     of the United States.

                  [Basic Guide to Naturalization and Citizenship]
                         [Immigration and Naturalization Service]
                                     [U.S. Department of Justice]
                                       [page 265, emphasis added]

[As quoted in "The Federal Zone:  Cracking the Code of Internal
 Revenue," electronic seventh edition, Chapter 11: Sovereignty]

                             #  #  #

/s/ Paul Mitchell, Author,
Counselor at Law, federal witness

At 01:27 AM 10/14/97 -0400, you wrote:
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>In a message dated 10/13/97 7:57:07 PM, jimbear2@juno.com (James P Nagle)
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> Since Mitchell mentioned it in his most recent post about Mike Kemp
>(BTW, Mitchell, I think it's obvious someone threatened him or his
>family), I thought i'd pose the following question.
> Now we all know what a big "hero" this judge is for not only displaying
>the Ten Commandments, but for also refusing to take them down when
>ordered to do so. Now, my question is, what do you think would have
>happened if it had been a symbol or writing from another religion, say
>Wicca? Or the Native American Church? Would there have been so much
>support (up to the Governor threaten to call out the national guard), or
>would some so-called "christian" fanatic have gunned the judge down in
>his own driveway? Or burned down/blown up the court house?
> The "christians" love to say there's no such thing as separation of
>church and state. It seems they have conveniently forgotten that this
>country was founded by people who were fleeing total domination by the
>church in their "home" country.
> And yes, I do believe in God, but because of the hypocrisy,
>holier-than-thou self righteousness, and complete arrogance displayed by
>the majority of the "christian" church, I can not believe in
> I imagine my point will be well proven by the responses I get. I hope to
>start an intelligent discussion about this, but i'm sure i'll get mostly
>ridicule and insult (the favorite tools of those with nothing intelligent
>to say).
>                           Jim
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>*** Jim, an exellent list/study group is the Pret list which discusses many
>things, among others, the issues you raise.  I recommend it, subscribe at:
>Michael Smith
>A Believer@aol.com
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