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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: U.N. Security at Prophets Conference?  Confirmation

FYI:  there is a "UN Observer" tag circulating,
which is a total spoof on the United Nations.
The small print says they are UNconstitutional,
UNaccountable, and UNauthorized (or words to that effect).

The tag is the size of an Iomega 100MB ZIP cartridge,
and it hangs from your neck, on a small jewelry
chain.  It was invented by Mr. Mike Taylor,
a Vietnam veteran who suffers from hearing loss.

I wore one during a lecture I once gave in 
Arizona.  I don't know if the "UN Observer"
tag mentioned below is the same one, or not,
because I did not attend the Prophets Conference.

My best guess, without knowing any more, 
is that the Prophets Conference was "crashed"
by a group of disgruntled activists who drink
too much alcohol.  Details are available 
privately from me at email address:

       [address in toolbar]

Until confirmation is available, I doubt very 
much that these "UN Observers" were actually
employed by the United Nations.  But, I am
open to correction on this "guess" of mine.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>To: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
>Subject: Re: U.N. Security at Prophets Conference
>Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>> Hi Friend,
>> Thanks for this message.
>> May I have your permission
>> to forward this message
>> widely on the Internet,
>> with or without your name?
>> I honor your privacy.
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> http://supremelaw.com
>> At 05:55 PM 10/13/97 -0700, you wrote:
>> >Paul,  I don't know whether you went to the Prophets Conference or not,
>> >if you did, you already know about this. I did not go but my lady friend
>> >did; she had read the posting I had received from you. She and a friend
>> >went and met 2 more of their friends there and spent the whole weekend,
>> >and liked what was presented. Now for the kicker: the Security inside
>> >the place were UN Security Guards. They all wore black shirts, some with
>> >black pants, some with camouflage pants. Some of the shirts on the back
>> >were printed Security or Staff, and some wore tags hanging from their
>> >necks, which were blue and white. And at the top it said Observer and
>> >the bottom was UN on the tag.  Some wore black berets, some black like a
>> >baseball cap, and others nothing. All of them seemed to be young,
>> >american, and white. When the women first went in they thought it was all
>> >a joke,or a spoof; well, come to find out, it wasn't. They knew of no
>> >incidences happening during the weekend. Oh, and these UN people were
>> >wearing billy clubs, cuffs, and mace canisters, no guns. The Security
>> >outside the place was Sheriffs deputies and the closest they came to the
>> >inside was the gates. Is this another mind adjusting thing to get the
>> >people used to the Idea of seeing UN police amongst us? And by what or
>> >whose authority is this even happening to start with. I know that you
>> >talk with a lot of people and will have a better chance to find out
>> >something about it then I will.                    
>> >
>> >
>Paul, Thank you for the response.  Yes, go ahead and expose it, by all
>means.  I would like to keep my last name and E-mail address off of it,
>though.  <snip>

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