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Subject: SLS: Gun Control (Car Control) parody (fwd)


1-800-BAN-CARS !!!!!!!

>- Did you know that automobiles are used in 100% of the drive-by
>shootings in America, according to the FBI?
>- Did you know that automobile accidents and homicides claim over
>28,000 lives per year? In two years this casualty total exceeds that
>of the ENTIRE Vietnam War.
>- Did you know that there is NO state-mandated waiting period to
>puchase an automobile? And that you may purchase AS MANY automobiles
>as you wish in any month?
>- Did you know that importation of  'assault' sports-cars, IS STILL
>LEGAL IN THIS COUNTRY? These assault-cars usually have engine capacity
>in excess of 6 cylinders and are capable of speeds of 120 MPH (or
>more) and serve no useful driving purpose.
>- Did you know that there are NO restrictions on owning FULLY
>AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS...?! These transmissions are the preferred
>gear-shifting method of criminals and gangsters everywhere!
>- Did you know that there is NO criminal background check before
>purchasing a car? That you can go into any sleazy car dealers and
>purchase a snub-nose 'Saturday Night Special' Sub-Compact Economy
>car on nothing more than a signature, if you have the money?
>No more, will we sit idly by as our young people crash into one
>another and kill one another with depraved indifference to human
>life. Not one more innocent bystander shall be mowed-down by an
>out-of-control driver who 'snaps'!
>Now, there is a group dedicated to controlling and eventually banning
>the automobile:
>Our goals are straightforward:
>1) A national 7-day waiting period before a car may be delivered,
>after purchase 
>2) Total bans on all 'assault' sport cars.
>3) Total bans on all snubnose 'Saturday Night Special' Sub-Compact cars.
>4) Eventually, a total ban on all automobiles
>Let me introduce our spokesperson, Sarah Brainless.
>Sarah: "You may know my husband, Jim Brainless. During the attempted
>assassination of The President, Jim was hit in head by an out-of-control
>car...and..(sniff)...well, he's (sniff) never been the same since...
>(sniff, sniff, HONNNKK). So I dedicated the rest of my life to banning
>this evil object, the automobile. I know that there are a bunch of groups
>who will fight back against my efforts, such as the AAA. These whackos
>would like to see a car in every garage! ...and those Merchants of Death
>themselves, the Big Three carmakers... "As you know, the AAA claims that
>there is a constitutional right to travel. Well, I dispute that - If you
>read the whole amendment like WE do, it is clear that the founding
>fathers only intended that ORGANIZED MILITIA may be allowed to travel...
>it is NOT to be construed as an individual right to travel!"
>If you join Automobile Control Inc, we will send you the following:
>- A really neat pin that shows a car with a red line through it.
>- A fact sheet that dispels the myths of those who would argue for
>the owning cars.
>- A subscription to One Cylinder Short, the magazine that reflects
>the goals of ACI.
>- A really boffo bumper sticker that says "This car should be banned."
>Call: 1-800-BAN-CARS. Have a credit card ready.
>Politicians prefer unarmed peasants

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