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>Once all the arguments have been exhausted
>the Sense of the Principle Argument for
>a Ruling Elite remains that the people are 
>not worthy to govern.  They are incompetent,
>un-educated, and un-qualified.  Governments,
>perforce, can control money and trade and
>this represents a level of power over wealth.
>Such power, in the Vision of the Anointed, is
>an incursion into the exclusive domain of
>those who, by whatever means, have massed
>riches for themselves upon the Earth.  This is,
>I believe, the Essence of what Dr. Thomas Sowell
>is speaking of in his phrase "The Vision
>of the Anointed".
>    "My people are destroyed
>    for a lack of knowlege:
>    because thou hast rejected
>    knowlege I will also reject
>    thee, that thou shalt be no
>    priest to me: seeing thou
>    hast forgotten the law of thy
>    God I will also forget thy
>    children."
>                Hosea 4:6 KJV
>Self government will not work unless the people are 
>educated in letters and in the Way of the Lord.
>It is then that through communications that corruption
>is identified, exposed and corrected.
> North American Patriots Free Network
> www.net-link.net/~napfn/homepage.htm
>"Righteousness through Communications"
>    ~~~~~Pastor Mike Acker~~~~~

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