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Subject: SLS: Harbor Municipal Court (2nd copy)
Cc: letters@link.freedom.com

Dear Marie Kolasinski,

I was referred to you by Mr. Kenneth L. Vardon,
founder of the American Patriot Fax Network.

I am currently an active Counselor at Law,
federal witness, and private attorney general
in People v. United States, now proceeding
in Montana and Texas.

I studied to be a Catholic priest for 5 1/2 years,
and lived with my family not far from Harbor and
Adams, just east of the Santa Ana River.  I am
quite familiar with Mesa Verde, in Costa Mesa.
One of my favorite places on planet Earth is
the Wedge (30-footer, outside!!)

In order for you to appreciate the totality of
the legal situation in which you now find yourself, 
I am going to make a very bold, and very challenging,
recommendation to you:

Find the brightest legal minds in your community,
and divide up the labor required to review every
single pleading and other document now loaded
into the Supreme Law Library at URL:


I would urge you, in particular, to single out the
OPENING BRIEF in USA v. Gilbertson, and the two
Motions for Leave to File Enlarged Brief.  These
latter two briefs are particularly pertinent to
your case, because they will provide you with the
legal expertise necessary to challenge the voter
and juror qualification statutes in California state.

This will automatically turn yours into a major
precedent-setting case.

I would be happy to Counsel you, but the intense
economic retaliation which I have suffered, now makes
it impossible for me to work either pro bono, or on a
contingency.  Our standard rates are $75 per hour,
charged against an earnest retainer of $500, prepaid
in cash or blank U.S. Postal Money Orders to the 
mailing location shown below.

Thank you very much for your consideration, and please
do give my challenge some serious attention, and

Be well, and may God bless you abundantly.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Mitchell

p.s.  Please acknowledge receipt of this message.
      Thank you.

copy:  Orange County Register <letters@link.freedom.com>

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