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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Seattle Times/Roach Drivers License

Travel is a Right guaranteed by the
Privileges and Immunities Clause,
but you must be a state Citizen,
in order to invoke these Guarantees.
See 4:2:1.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

At 10:14 PM 10/14/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I even wonder if in any case the govt. can "regulate" people moving around;
>it seems from the beginning of time, evil people block roads and exact
>tribute before you can pass (whether doing "business" or just going to Aunt
>Bessy's or not)
>Michael Smith
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>Date: 97-10-14 06:10:04 EDT
>Whow Nellie!!!
>Looks like we have another well informed citizen weighing in on this issue
>of Drivers Licenses.
>It is a long read but it is worth it!!!!
>Some of you already know this information - others will learn a great deal
>from it.  Better make your voices heard soon or pay the price.
>Jackie Juntti
>Mr. Whyte: 
>Regarding your Seattle Times article, October 13, 1997: "Thousands on the
>road lack drivers licenses," you forgot to expose, or ask, the most
>important question: *WHY* are people saying "NO" to the driver licensing
>"scheme?" The answer is that under our Constitution, both State and
>Federal, and with many Supreme Court cases supporting the same, the people
>have the UNALIENABLE RIGHT TO TRAVEL in whatever conveyance they so choose.
>Article I, Sections 1 & 3 of our Washington State Constitution guarantees
>to all people, the *RIGHT* to "LIFE, **LIBERTY**, and PROPERTY." The State
>has not been honest and forthcoming about protecting these RIGHTS as
>guaranteed thereunder, has chosen to ignore the absolute rights of the
>people, and has engaged in a broad
>The State has sought to use the "compelling state interest" doctrine to
>utilize the police powers under the rubric of protecting the public health,
>safety and welfare, to engage in the conversion of titles to private
>property, in this instance a Citizens private automobile, through
>misrepresentation and misapplication of the motor vehicle laws upon those
>*NOT* engaged in commerce or the transportation of persons or property, as
>defined by the law itself (See: Definitions, "Motor Vehicle" -RCW 46.04.320
>and "Vehicle" -RCW 46.04.670), which is appropriate for those engaging in
>commerce, but not the use or operation of private automobiles, which have
>been CONVERTED into a "motor vehicle" upon REGISTRATION (See: "Motor
>Vehicle Excise Tax" -RCW 82.44.060).
>Early on, the Seattle Post-Intellingencer, circa Tuesday, June 6, 1913
>(page 20), published an article concerning the REGISTRATION and LICENSING
>of "motor vehicles" operated **FOR HIRE,** meaning engaged in *COMMERCE* in
>the City of Seattle, preceding the first "motor vehicle act" by the
>Legislature in the 1915 session. Go back to that issue of the PI and you'll
>begin to develop a knowledge level of what's going on here. And then go
>read the beginning pages of RCW Title 46 and the definitions. The "motor
>vehicle act" can only concern itself with the intended purposes of the Act,
>i.e., "motor vehicles" and their extra-ordinary use of the public highways
>which is commerce, not the ordinary every-day travel by the Citizens in
>their private property (automobiles) on the roads and highways, the
>ownership of which is vested in the Citizens of this State.  
>The people are becoming aware of how the State and Federal governments have
>set about trampling the rights of the people, in this instance, by
>CONVERTING an absolute "RIGHT" into a "PRIVILEGE" and then licensing and
>taxing that previous right. But, you say, like the the legislators
>(including Pam Roach and Karen Schmidt), "driving is a privilege!" YES --
>YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! But, what *IS* the PRIVILEGE? It is, according
>to law (RCW Title 46) "operating a motor vehicle for the transportation of
>persons or property." The word TRANSPORTATION, according to Black's Law
>Dictionary, 5th Edition, which is officially recognized by the Congress,
>Legislature and Courts for the meaning and intent of technical terms in the
> law, defines transportation as "The movement of goods or persons from
>place to another, by a carrier." Now, that does seem innocuous enough
>doesn't it? Well, we now have to go to the word "carrier" in Black's 5th,
>and it is defined as, "Individual or organization engaged in transporting
>passengers or goods *FOR HIRE*." There you have it. And as well recognized
>by the Washington Supreme Court, in Palmer v. Laberbee, 23 Wn. 409, 73 Pac.
>316 (1900) and other cases related thereto, "Courts do no make laws, they
>only interpret them to determine legislative intent." There can be no
>mistake that the "Motor Vehicle Act" composed of RCW Titles 46 & 47,
>together with ancillary provisions of the taxation scheme in RCW Title 82,
>only apply to "motor vehicles," those devices/conveyances engaged in
>commerce. In addition, the Washington Supreme Court has recognized that the
>"Literal word of statute is controlling unless literal application would
>give absurd result." (See: Ex rel. Calderwood, 23 Wn. 573, 63 Pac. 221
>(1900)). So now go read the beginning section of the "Definitions" section
>for the "Motor Vehicle Act" at RCW 46.04.010, wherein it states: 
>"Scope and construction of terms. Terms used in this title shall have the
>meaning given to them in this chapter except where otherwise defined, and
>unless where used the context thereof shall clearly indicate to the
>One other thing, what we have witnessed is a gross application of
>lawyer-legal-ease by the members of the bar when it comes to legal twisting
>and gymnastics with the syntax of legislative acts. That is why the members
>of the bench and the bar can play the game with people that the motor
>vehicle act has nothing to do with commerce and that all people
>living/residing within the State *must* have a drivers license. That is
>LEGAL HOGWASH and here's why: The original statutes of the motor vehicle
>act convey an entirely different meaning than the current statutes. In
>other words, while the original (circa 1915, et seq.) motor vehicle act
>spoke in literal terms of transportation of persons, property, goods, etc.
>*FOR HIRE*, the current Act does not state specifically "for hire." The
>lawmakers in Olympia and those who draft "uniform acts" (National
>Conference Of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws--ALL MEMBERS OF THE BAR)
>have used clever syntax and technical meanings defined in the law to paint
>everyone with the same brush. However, in order to protect themselves from
>outright fraud, the legislature provided themselves with an "out" in the
>"General Provisions" section of the Revised Code of Washington at RCW
>1.04.020 and RCW 1.04.021. The gist of this is as follows: Citing RCW
>1.04.021, "The contents of said code shall establish prima facie the laws
>of this state of a general and permanent nature in effect on January 1,
>of the provisions of said code and the laws existing immediately preceding
>As you can determine from the foregoing, the State must construe the motor
>vehicle act according to the previous existing law, prior to the adoption
>of the present RCW. This is succinctly stated in State ex rel. Town of
>Mercer Island, 58 Wn.2d 141, 361 Pac.2d 369 (1961), wherein the court held,
>"Statute, as adopted by the legislature, prevails over a restatement
>thereof in the code." The original motor vehicle act was put on the books
>in 1915, but oddly, no definitions of terms used therein was applied until
>some five years later, giving lawmakers an advantage to first condition the
>people into getting into the "habit" and "routine" of accepting the
>registration process of their private property, and eventually, as is the
>case today, taxing the Hell out of everyone's use of what used to be their
>own private property, i.e., "automobile." Early on, the State even went so
>far as to construe the terms "automobile and "motor vehicle" as being one
>and the same. They are not. The latter is used exclusively in commerce,
>which is a privileged, extra-ordinary use of the public highways, and that
>is why a license is required. And that is why "driving is a privilege."
>So, the question that comes from all of this and what the bottom line is,
>answer is obvious. The "scheme" is about the UNLAWFUL CONVERSION OF TITLE,
>and a giant monopoly for the purposes of raising revenue. And yes, I can
>already hear YOUR NEXT question, "but how will we pay for the roads?" The
>answer to that is we already do through property taxes and the tax on
>gasoline. The State has simply not been judicious with the people's tax
>monies. And Seattle **ATTORNEY** Mark Sidran and his co-horts like Senator
>Pam Roach and Representative Karen Schmidt, would like to close the breech,
>tighten the noose a little tighter around the Citizens necks, and RAISE
>MORE REVENUE from their tax and spend Criminal Justice System by making
>sure that if the Citizen refuses to be swashbuckled into REGISTERING and
>LICENSING their private automobiles as a motor vehicle and jump on the
>revenue enhancement program, they will see to it that more laws will be
>placed on the books to COERCE people into complying: IF YOU DON'T GET A
>why we need all the new jails in this state, to harass and coerce people
>into paying for something they don't want? It is clear from the numbers
>quoted in your article that the people are becoming wise to what is going
>on and they have had enough of the extortion racket being practiced by the
>pettifoggershyster members of the bench and the bar, and their co-equals in
>the executive and legislative branches, and those other evils who wear two
>hats, as in "LAWYER-LEGISLATOR" and "LAWYER-JUDGE." As long as they can
>keep the people ignorant of the laws they will keep on getting away with
>this criminal racketeering and extortion racket. But alas, the people are
>beginning to see what's being done to them.
>It is through the use of constructive misinformation by State officials,
>deception, undue influence, threats, withholding, misrepresentation and
>concealment of material facts, that the unwitting Citizen has been cajoled
>into "registering" his private property with the State. As was well stated
>in Thompson v. Smith, 154 SE 579 at 583:
>"The right of the citizen to travel upon the public highways and to
>transport his property thereon in the ordinary course of life and business
>is a common right which he has under his right to enjoy life and liberty,
>to acquire and possess property, and to pursue happiness and safety. It
>includes the right in so doing to use the ordinary and usual conveyances of
>the day; and under the existing modes of travel includes the right to drive
>a horse-drawn carriage or wagon thereon, or to operate an automobile
>thereon, for the usual and ordinary purposes of life and business. it is
>not a mere privilege, like the privilege of moving a house in the street,
>operating a business stand in the street, or transporting persons or
>property for hire along the street, which a city may permit or prohibit at
>So, Mr. Whyte, as you can see, this kinda looks like, "What came first, the
>chicken or the egg?" Or, as herein, the RIGHT? . . . or the PRIVILEGE? As
>clearly proven by the Latin term, "Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius,"
>i.e., the inclusion of one is the exclusion of another, the "Motor Vehicle"
>pertains ONLY to a privileged use of the public highways, as opposed to the
>ordinary use thereof by Citizens. The bottom line is the Motor Vehicle is a
>"business machine."
>It is obvious what Seattle City Attorney Mark Sidran and State Senator Pam
>Roach are up to. They want the people to pony-up with all the revenue the
>state, county and municipalities are missing out on. You see, all of the
>municipal and district courts retain approximately 66% of all fines,
>forfeitures, etc., and they send the State about 33% each month. So, with
>the numbers as presented in your article, this is not about "safety." IT IS
>ALL ABOUT RAISING REVENUE. In addition, your article does not elucidate the
>people to a missing point in your quotes of Pam Roach. Did you know, for
>instance, that if you have a drivers license and you get a ticket for some
>infraction, and don't pay it, you're record shows an "FTA" (failure to
>appear) which is the same as a failure to respond, and that Department of
>Licensing AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDS your license UNTIL YOU PAY? And, of
>course, the next time you happen to be stopped, YOU GO TO JAIL UNTIL YOU
>PAY OR POST BAIL! And now they want to TAKE YOUR CAR? No, what Mark Sidran
>and Pam Roach are promoting here is a BETTER MOUSETRAP! We've had enough of
>these two . . . they should be IMPEACHED for their TREASONIST ACTS AGAINST
>THE CONSTITUTION -- you know, the document they SWORE TO UPHOLD!  
>There can be no doubt that State is not just. It has become a tool of
>devious men by which they exploit the unaware. It is filled, not with
>virtue - but with vice. Does it reflect the character of its inhabitants?
>NO! The people are sorely inattentive of their government. They are, almost
>without exception functional illiterates; but, they are not intrinsically
>evil. If the State reflected the intent and substance of its inhabitants,
>it would be a bumbling, ineffectual institution . . .and not the
>deliberately fashioned engine of oppression that it has become. No, the
>State reflects the dubious character and immorality of those "officials"
>like Mark Sidran, Pam Roach and others, who have usurped its awesome
>powers, and have turned them against the very people it was originally
>instituted to protect and serve. That there are now over five-million
>(plus) so-called "Motor Vehicles" REGISTERED, the owners of which have no
>idea of the fraud that has been purposefully perpetrated upon them by those
>holding our Offices of Public Trust, is bold evidence that the people have
>become sorely apathetic and inattentive, and why our Ship of State has
>remained so far off course all of the ensuing years. It doesn't take a
>brain surgeon to see through the clever smoke and mirrors that the State
>has erected and will continue to erect into the framework of its
>legislation, laws which are for the SOLE PURPOSE of RAISING REVENUE. Sidran
>and Roach say it's a "major safety issue." BULL! These people are
>professional criminals and con-men/women! They both need to be removed from
>office - YESTERDAY!
>Permission to publish and re-send authorized.
>John R. Prukop, Executive Director
>CCW Coalition: Citizens For A Constitutional Washington
>11910-C Meridian Ave. E., #142
>Puyallup, Washington 98373
>PHONE: (253) 840-8071 
>FAX: (253) 840-8074 
>e-mail: ccw@frugal.com 

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