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>John W McPherson wrote:
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>> I have a few simple questions;
>> If the MSO exists for a vehicle purchased outright, who would get
>> possesion of it if not  the buyer?
>> What about situations where a vehicle is financed?
>> Where would one find the holder of the MSO?
>> What is the specific procedure of request ( I was tired when I read the
>> initial post, and I should know better, yes)
>> How old of a vehicle does the MSO exist (when were MSO's introduced)?
>> If the "holder denies the existence of an MSO, does that invalidate one
>> that may be in existence?
>> Can someone merely apply for the MSO for their vehicle?
>> If so to what entity?
>> I will go back and re-read the initial post, but it was not clear.  Not
>> being fully versed in legallese, sometimes such things within such a post
>> are not clear at all.  I know, because I have written my share of
>> straight forward, yet confusing posts myself.
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>> ->  Posted by: goshawk3@juno.com (John W McPherson)
>In January of 1992, I went to the local Mitsubishi dealer (also, at the
>     time, was the Toyoto dealer) and asked the agent handling my pro-
>     posed purchase if I bought a truck, could I get the MSO with it.
>     He replied that there would be 'no problem' and I paid him cash
>     for the truck (bank cashier's checks), and he told me to pick up
>     the truck the following day.  When I went to pick up my truck, the
>     agent asked me for a drivers license (which I didn't have, as I
>     had sent it back to the state several years earlier), and I told 
>     him I did not have a license, that I was there to pick up MY truck
>     and not answer a book of bullshit with him.  He then asked for my
>     Social Security number, and I replied that I didn't have a SS #
>     either.  He told me to wait until he checked with his boss, and, 
>     upon return, informed me that I could not get MY truck unless I 
>     gave him these numbers.  To make a long story shorter, I dropped
>     a lawsuit on him and the company, which lasted three years.  I 
>     finally got my money returned, plus a thousand dollars, but I had
>     his lawyer in court about ten times, so it must have cost him a
>     fortune just for the attorney.  
>The first hearing told me all I wanted to know about the situation.  I
>     had subpoenaed the top lawyer for the state Department of Safety,
>     who informed the court that neither drivers license nor SS numbers
>     were required to purchase a vehicle in the state of Louisiana.
>     Why then did the case draw out for another two and one half years?
>     Partially because I called the owner of the car lot stupid to begin
>     with, but the main reason was the MSO.
>The MSO is sent to the state in every instance when the vehicle is to be
>     used within the state.  This, in effect, makes the state the owner
>     of the vehicle.  The state, in turn, issues the buyer a 'certifi-
>     cate of title' which shows that a title exists.  The state has both
>     the MSO and actual title to the vehicle, and no matter how many 
>     times the vehicle changes hands, the state still owns it.  
>Since the state owns the vehicles, cannot they prescribe the terms for
>     us to drive THEIR vehicles?  Yes they can, and do.  If you read 
>     your state, county, city 'laws' on vehicles - drivers, you will see
>     that they CAN prescribe safety regulations, such as stop lights,
>     signs, speeds, etc., but you wont find laws which violate your 
>     right to free locomotion; at least there weren't any for this city-
>     state.  Here they just walk on one's rights, since we have no place
>     to register complaints (courts).
>If you can get the MSO at the time of purchase of a vehicle, I don't 
>     think the state can require you to have a drivers license to oper-
>     ate a vehicle within the state.  You must remember, however, that
>     if you already have a drivers license, the state will ASSUME that
>     you have given permission, through this license, to the state to
>     control you and your vehicle.  When I decided to drop out of the
>     system, I cut my driver's license in two pieces, sent it back to
>     the state with a note stating that I was no longer a state sponser-
>     ed driver, and that I no longer needed a chauffer's license.  I
>     drove for over seven years without a license.  It is a hassle, but
>     if it is worth that hassle for you to be free, then it is your de-
>     cision.  While I never had any problem with the license issue it-
>     self, the associated problems, such as identification, puts a 
>     strain on the person.  Anyway, it is all fraud, since the state 
>     puts the 'mandatory' sign on everything, and this thing between you
>     and state falls within the realm of contract, and contract is an
>     entirely different category.  Hope this helps some.
>				    Ray Earnest
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