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Subject: SLS: U.N. Charter is "supreme law" according to Senate

See the DRAFT Application for Intervention
of Right in the case of Hawks v. County of Butte,
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>>Organization: The Malicious Militia
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>>Subject: Re: U.N. Charter is "supreme law" according to Senate
>>Great advice Cynthia. Thanks. Hope you don't mind me sharing
>>it with my list. --DaveK
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>>_From: Cynthia Eleazer <Independence@southtech.net>
>>Dear Dave,
>>Most of us all know, and have known for some time, that the
>>federal government is operating unconstitutionally.  Many of the
>>people, though, have been convinced that, when it comes to
>>treaties or executive orders, that the federal government, or
>>president, has a right to do what they are doing and that
>>treaties can supersede the Constitution because of what Article
>>VI of the Constitution says.  But this is not true.
>>In the case of executive orders, Jackie Patru, who has a program
>>on Amerinet Broadcasting, says that the federal government has
>>admitted to her on three occasions that executive orders carry no
>>penalty if they are disobeyed.  And in the case of treaties
>>overriding the Constitution, those treaties (and any laws passed
>>in accordance with the treaties) are null if they are not in
>>compliance with the Constitution.  The Supreme Court has said so
>>in Reid v. Covert, 354 US 1 (1957) and other cases. So, just
>>because the government signs a treaty or international agreement,
>>it doesn't make it the supreme law of the land unless the treaty
>>doesn't violate the Constitution.
>>The problem, as I see it, is that most people do not realize that
>>this is so and that this has already been confirmed by the
>>Supreme Court.  And since not many people are aware of this,
>>including many patriots, the federal government continues to act
>>illegally, all the while spreading their lies and propaganda that
>>they can do what they're doing.
>>Colonel Archibald Roberts' plan is for us to inform our state
>>legislators, because they're just as ignorant of the states'
>>rights and Constitutional law as the average person on the
>>street.  He applies the Reid v. Covert case (see
>>=1>) and some other cases about the treaties, and especially
>>focuses on the original UN treaty and our military being put
>>under UN control for his proposed citizen plan of action.  I have
>>already written all my state legislators and gotten some
>>response.  Unfortunately, they were just about to adjourn at that
>>time and so it has been difficult to follow up with them, but I
>>intend to.
>>In addition to the Reid v. Covert case covering the issue of
>>treaties, we also have the recent Supreme Court opinion in the
>>Printz case about the Brady Bill, which covered more than just
>>the issue of sheriffs not having to perform all the duties put on
>>them by the Brady Bill.  It also says that the states do not have
>>to perform any mandate that the federal government decrees.  The
>>problem there, of course, is that, once again, the state
>>legislators are either ignorant of the states' rights or they
>>want to get that federal money, so they go ahead and conform the
>>state's laws with the federal laws so they'll get it.  They are
>>the real culprits - the state legislators.  They could protect
>>us, if they just would, and they could do as California has
>>proposed and not send the federal government the money in the
>>first place.  Most, if not all, of the governors, from what I've
>>heard, are NWO minions, so we can forget about their being any
>>help with federal government abuse.  Now they are the real
>>traitors, because they most likely know exactly what is going on.
>>Since we, the people, have been sold out by our state
>>governments, they are the ones that should be on the hot seat. 
>>Devvy Kidd and Rich Bellon (Director of Legal Research Institute
>>- 916-365-0158), are working on a civil rights lawsuit which they
>>plan to bring by next summer (yeah, I hope that's not too late,
>>too) where they're going to bring suit against one of the states
>>for not defending the rights and property of their people.  But
>>they need funds, of course, and are asking people to donate $100
>>to help with the lawsuit.  For the $100 you get regular updates
>>on the lawsuit and your name can be added to the suit anonymously
>>(through use of a trust).  All monies paid in will be kept in a
>>trust account until such time as they are needed for court costs
>>and attorneys' fees, and if they win (and they say they expect to
>>and have even picked the area where they're bringing the suit so
>>they can get good judges), and if there is any award by the
>>court, then those joining in the suit will receive a share and we
>>will have a precedent-setting case that should make the other
>>states take notice and get back in the business of constitutional
>>government.  And if they don't, then we all start suing them.
>>I know it is extremely frustrating to watch the federal
>>government continually trampling all over the Constitution.  But
>>if we can just get more people informed about what is going on,
>>and especially get our dumbed-down state legislators educated,
>>then maybe we have a chance to win this without actual bloodshed.
>>We have to try whatever legal remedies are at our disposal, and
>>there are many that no one is using.  We can always die later if
>>that doesn't work.  Admittedly, it may not, but I pray that it
>>does.  The patriot movement is being demonized daily in the
>>national media and we are in a no-win situation as things stand
>>now, even though we are on the side of right.  We must try to get
>>the truth out to many more people while we still have the chance
>>to speak openly.  But it is our responsibility to all the people
>>of this nation (even those who are not aware) to proceed in a
>>manner that is constructive, and peaceful, if at all possible.
>>I have a computer copy of Colonel Archibald Roberts' plan he
>>spoke of on the radio program last night.  It's in one of his
>>bulletins and cites the Supreme Court decisions and how we can go
>>about demanding our state legislatures to uphold their oath of
>>office and protect our rights and property.  If you'd like, I'll
>>be happy to send you a copy.  Just let me know. It is my feeling
>>that these legal actions are our best hope of  preserving freedom
>>while maintaining peace in this nation.  We must pick our battles
>>wisely or we will surely be defeated.
>>Cynthia Eleazer
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