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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: Intervention of Right in McVeigh/Nichols' cases

Dear America,

I could use some help obtaining answers
to the following questions, asap:

1.  I presume McVeigh has filed a formal Notice of Appeal.
    Please confirm date of Notice, and Attorneys of Record
    for all real Parties of Interest.

2.  If so, what is the docket number for the appeal,
    and who are the real Parties of Interest?

3.  Is the appeal now before the Tenth Circuit Court
    of Appeals in Denver, or in Oklahoma City?

4.  What is the Clerk's mailing address/telephone # 
    for the United States Court of Appeals which
    has docketed McVeigh's appeal?

5.  What are the docket number(s), Clerk's address/tel,
    and real Parties of Interest in the case
    now proceeding in Denver against Terry Nichols?

6.  What is the corresponding case information for
    the Oklahoma Supreme Court decision which allowed
    their state grand jury to convene an investigation
    of the OKC bombing?

7.  What other court cases have been filed in this 
    matter, e.g. families of the victims?  We are
    particularly interested in any jury trials which
    are now pending, in Oklahoma state, and elsewhere.

Any additional legal information you can provide
will be most helpful.  

I would like to save money otherwise necessary to
make several long-distance calls to Denver and other
out-of-state locations.

Thanks, everyone, in advance, for your help.

/s/ Paul Mitchell
private attorney general
People v. United States et al.


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