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Subject: SLS: America Deserves Clinton
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Fighting the widespread corruption in D.C.
makes righteous People out of all of Us.

How long would you allow a vicious mad dog 
to race around in the backyard, especially
if your new baby is playing out there,
in a play pen?  

How about 10 seconds?  if THAT!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>So in other words:
>Due to the laziness and inatentiveness of others, WE should allow our
>rights to get trampled, and that we should grab our ankles and "take it
>like men"?
>It is that sort of defeated attitude which has allowed the bunch of
>neo-socialists to retain control in this country, even after a
>significant bunch were thrown out in 1994.
>If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
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