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>FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                             October 9, 1997
>                    NRA RESPONDS TO PRESIDENT
>Campaigning in Washington state against ballot initiative 676,
>NRA's Tanya K. Metaksa responded to comments made today by
>President Bill Clinton on the topic of gun safety.  
>"The trend across the USA is away from one-size-fits-all mandates
>and toward effective safety strategies," Mrs. Metaksa said.  "We
>prefer voluntary action over mandates.  However, because trigger
>locks are not right for every situation, they are not right for
>every purchaser.  Twenty one states in the last 2 years have
>rejected one-size-fits-all government mandates.   Moreover, 25
>states in the last 2 years have passed resolutions urging that
>schools adopt the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program.  NRA is the
>nation's primary care provider on gun safety.  We have invested
>100 million dollars in gun safety in the last 8 years alone.  Our
>50,000 certified instructors, matched with the award-winning
>Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program, have helped drive down fatal gun
>accidents to their lowest point ever recorded.  It's the winning
>safety strategy all Americans endorse and applaud.
>"In Washington state, Initiative 676 goes in a direction opposite
>to safety," she continued.  "Initiative 676 means no safety, no
>self-defense and no right of privacy for Washingtonians.  We will
>continue to get the word to Washington voters that, with respect
>to achieving gun safety, law-abiding gun owners should be praised
>for their performance  -- not prosecuted for their principles as
>called for by I - 676." 
>             -- the nra: people protecting freedom --
>This information is provided as a service of the National Rifle
>Association Institute for Legislative Action, Fairfax, VA.
>This and other information on the Second Amendment and the NRA is
>available at: http://WWW.NRA.Org

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