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Subject: SLS: Right-wing extremists operating with the U.S. (fwd)

>FIGJArchives Public Notice
>The following has been reported to have been made public
>by the Lawyer's Second Amendment Society, 18034 Ventura
>Blvd., No. 329, Encino, CA  91316:
>To: All federal law enforcement agencies
>From: Atty. Gen Janet Reno
>CC: Pres. Clinton
>RE: Right-wing extremists operating with the U.S.
>        In an attempt ot assist federal agents to stem the tide
>of increasing criminal behavior of the conservative elements
>within the United States, the DOJ has developed a "profile"
>of the typical right wing extremist. You should completely
>familiarize yourself with this profile; be prepared to recognize
>"potential problems" before they arise.
>        SUBJECT CHARACTERISTICS: Right-wing extremists
>typically are men, aged anywhere from their early 20's to their
>70' or 80's. However, female extremists are not unheard of.
>        The most obvious sign of an extremist is his or her 
>reverence for the flag for the United States, and of the U.S.
>Constitution and Declaration of Independence. People capable
>of reciting entire passages from either of these documents 
>must be considered extremely dangerous. Another tell-tale
>sign is an ability to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Many of 
>these people will proudly proclaim to be patriots who trust in
>God, whereas they will openly state they distrust the federal
>government. Some even suggest the government's powers are
>limited by the Constitution.
>        Extremists also profess a belief in "family values." Be
>warned: this is a buzz word for their opposition to divorce, single
>parent families, welfare, same-sex marriages, drugs, pre-marital 
>sex, and many other of the laudable goals for which this
>administration is diligently working.
>        The typical extremist is also well armed, many preferring 
>semi-automatic rifles and handguns which look like military 
>weapons. Although no data yet suggests any extremists have
>used their weapons for any illegal purposes, do not be fooled.
>We have reason to believe many of them harbor ill-will towards 
>the government. Many even admit they believe the purpose of 
>the Second Amendment is to check the government's power.
>The most extreme even believe the government should be 
>subservient to the people. Anyone making such statements
>should be treated with the utmost caution.
>        These people often claim public schools (or government
>schools, as they call them), are "indoctrination centers" designed 
>to program children. For this reason, extremists often home
>school their children. They are also opposed to affirmative action,
>believing instead in the antiquated and racist notion that people 
>should be judged by the quality or merit of their character, rather 
>than the color of their skin. Anyone opposing racial quotas should
>be considered a potential suspect.
>        Extremists also claim our freedoms are being "lost." They
>speak in terms of honor and valor, yet they do not believe we 
>should live up to our financial obligations to the U.N. Veterans
>should also be considered especially dangerous because they
>have sworn allegiance to the [sic] defend the Constitution against
>all enemies, foreign and domestic.
>        Right-wing extremists also oppose most social programs, 
>and prefer instead to characterize themselves as self-reliant. Many
>extremists object to income taxes, and especially to so-called
>"wealth transfer" programs, which is simply a code word for federal
>social spending, such as the NEA, Dept. of Education, Dept. of
>Commerce, etc.
>        Remember: extremists look like me and you. The only way 
>you will be able to recognize them is by listening to what they say, 
>and speech can be very dangerous. Please also remember: the very
>survival of our administration rests upon detecting and eliminating
>problems before they arise.
>        Thank you,
>        (signed manual: Janet Reno)
>        Janet Reno,
>        U.S. Attorney General

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