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Subject: SLS: Militias Create Big Hurdle for National ID Plan (fwd)

Find a website with that state's Codes on-line,
and then search for the keywords:

  Manufacturer's Statement of Origin
  Manufacturer   Statement of Origin
  Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin
  Manufacturer   Certificate of Origin

You must be discrete, because snooping, or
asking questions, will probably get the
door slammed in your face!

Do some experimentation with Alta Vista first!

Good luck!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 01:08 PM 10/17/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 10/16/97 7:01:56 PM, you wrote:
><<The original MSO is probably gone, shredded.
>For purposes of space efficiency, the State DMV 
>is probably authorized to microfiche the originals,
>and to archive all that microfiche.  You should review
>your State Information Practices statutes, and
>determine how to file an administrative Notice and
>Demand for production of a certified copy of the
>microfiche which they control.  Be sure to send
>them a stamped envelope, with your proper mailing
>location.  To be conspicuous about it, I would
>buy the $3.00 stamp, and place it on a flat rate
>Priority U.S. Mail envelope, with your proper
>mailing location, pursuant to USPS Publication #221.
>This will probably be the best three FRN's you ever
>In this way, if they post the flat rate envelope,
>they are giving explicit recognition to your 
>"situs" within the state zone.  If they keep the
>$3.00 stamp and do not post or return your flat
>rate envelope, you have them on theft of postage;
>this is a federal offense.  If they fall silent,
>you are entitled to proceed on the basis of the
>presumption that they are, in fact, the holder
>in due course, but they have chosen to avoid
>admitting that they have it.  Under these conditions,
>silence is a fraud, pursuant to U.S. v. Tweel, and
>silence also activates estoppel, pursuant to 
>Carmine v. Bowen.
>Any way it goes, you win!!
>For further details, please enroll
>in the Supreme Law School ("SLS"). 
>/s/ Paul Mitchell
>http://supremelaw.com >>
>**Paul ... if the MSO goes to the "DMV"........does it just "happen" or is
>there some law to the effect that when a car etc.    the MSO.......etc. goes
>to the state.....etc. Where would one read about that authority? thanks.

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