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Subject: SLS: Camp USA (fwd)

Certain key urban areas can be cut
quickly, by stopping all semi-truck traffic
in and out.  The S.F. Bay Area can be
paralyzed by cutting 7 cordon lines --
JUST 7!!!  I think it will be something
like a food crisis, disguised as a
truckers' strike.  That is an easy one.

Keep your eyes on the Teamsters, just for
this one reason alone!!  During the last
Bay Area truckers strike, the markets
emptied out in 2 days -- totally barren

Hungry people will start looting,
and then they will be easy prey for 
automatic weapon fire, whereupon massive
riots will require even more urban 
firepower, i.e. attack helicopters.

It's all in the NWO plans to "reduce the
population"  (read "murder conspiracy").

Got the picture??

This is a good time to own and operate
a private plane.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 05:47 PM 10/17/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 10/17/97 6:17:30 PM, you wrote:
><<I don't care as much about the "detention" plans,
>as I do about the constant readiness of these military
>ex-bases.  The Red Chinese need staging areas,
>and the Port of Long Beach is the perfect
>port of entry.  They can infiltrate under
>cover of darkness, and use the most advanced
>highway system in the world to transport troops,
>and everything those troops need, to various
>ex-bases, while all of California is sleeping.>>
>**Paul, anti-gov people will not be "just rounded" up for no reason.
> JApanese were rounded up in WWII due to the hysteria created by WWII.
>  There's no hysteria yet now.  There are some things planned and yet not put
>in oepration that will create a hysteria for public aceptance of round up and
>camps.  Any idea what that would be?

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