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>Subject:       There they go again
>For anyone interested in the latest antiterrorism hysteria, check out the
>text of this 10/8 speech which is posted at the Commission of Critical
>Infrastructure Protection Web site:
>In a response, Donald Haines of the ACLU said, according to the 10/17/97
>issue of Cyber-Liberties Update, that he believes the report is aimed at
>bolstering efforts by the National Security Agency, FBI and U.S. military
>to control Internet policy, both domestically and abroad. 
>' "Privacy in America is being held hostage by a law enforcement community
>determined to have access to every e-mail, telephone conversation and
>digital communication we transmit," said Haines. "Law enforcement agencies
>are continually creating a sense of hysteria and warning of un-American
>activities on the Internet-- privacy of law abiding citizens is really what
>is being invaded." '
>I think it also shows that government is willing to spend millions to
>protect its butt, and yet cares so little about its citizens it not only
>won't strengthen our personal "infrastructure" (homes, work places, etc.)
>but will also deny us, through gun control and other civil rights
>restrictions, the means to protect these things ourselves. 

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