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Subject: SLS: How to file a complaint against a judge (fwd)

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>  Date:         Sun, 19 Oct 1997 11:50:49 -0700
>  From:	 Leigh Hughes
>  Subject:	 Judicial Complaint Form - URGENT
>  Date:	 10/17
>  Marie...a caller on Roger's show yesterday told how we can file
>complaints that go into a judge's congressional review file.  Please read
>and forward the Flashfax included herewith.
>  Leigh
>                      THE ROGER HEDGECOCK SHOW
>                            FRIDAY OCTOBER 17TH, 1997
>                       NEWSRADIO 600 KOGO  (12:20 - 4:00PM)
>                 (thank goodness)
>  ROGER is enough trouble but put him together with a hundred thousand plus
>listeners and things get downright out of control. As tho we need another
>campaign..listeners incite a new project..this time to oust judicial
> dictatoress Mariana Pfaelzer. She the U.S. District judge who is holding
>CA Prop 187 hostage. Californians voted (59% yes) to enact legislation via
>the initiative process which prohibits illegal aliens from attending public
>school etc. Passed in 1994, Pfaelzer immediately stopped the Prop in 
>its tracks ...Okay, that's fine...we knew we'd have to go thru an appeals
>process with this one, right? But hold on..Pfaelzer not only does a stay
>but she refuses to issue her final order without which citizens cannot
>appeal her ruling. So Prop 209 has languished..talk about arrogant defiance
>of the legal system. So here's where ROGER'S listeners come in...after
>ROGER vents a caller says "hey, lets start filing formal complaints against
>She does an internet search, comes up with a complaint form that we can
>fill out and file with the California Department of Justice via the
>internet..she also faxes us a copy so that listeners who don't compute can
>pick up a copy
>in the KOGO lobby and mail to the Commission on Judicial Performance. 
>Here's the web address for the complaint form <a
>href="http://caag.state.ca.us/piu/form.htm"> JUDICIAL COMPLAINTS</a>
>Listeners do more producing of this show than we do. (YES!!). We're not
>inter-active....WE'RE RADIO-ACTIVE!!!!
>BOOKMARK THIS: The National Audit Defense Network..A group of former 
>IRS agents and lawyers who now want to work for us..help us avoid an 
>audit and if audited come thru it with the house and car and 
>refrigerator intact..call 800-AWAY-IRS or contact NADN via their 
>website at <ahref="http://www.awayirs.com"> AWAY-IRS</a>They'll save 
>you the membership $  
> TALK TO ROGER: internet web page http://www.rogerhedgecock.com; E-
>  Mail:
>  roger@rogerhedgecock.com; Fax: (619) 285-4395; Phone: (619) 285-4348;
>  AIRTOUCH cell
>  phone (Qualcomm) (619) 318-0185; Hear ROGER planet-wide on Real 
>  Audio
>  (download off web
>  page); See ROGER via Cuseeme: Leo.adnc.com; Cassettes of shows: 
>  (619)
>  565-0056; and
>  check out PRIMESTAR (the tv dish) ROGER has it in office, studio&home.
>  1-800-PRIMESTAR
>  576-4272
>    A SAN DIEGO CO....Did Somebody Say McDonalds..YES!!...THIS AIN'T 

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