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>                     WOODWARD OUT TO GET GORE
>                            Editorial
>    On March 2, 1997  the  Washington  Post  led  with  a  banner
>headline that read "Gore Was Solicitor-In-Chief In '96 Reelection
>Campaign." The story by Bob Woodward was  a  declaration  of  war
>against  the  unsuspecting Vice President, an effort to paint him
>as the master crook of the White House fundraising scandal.  Lest
>anyone  think  that role was reserved for the President, Woodward
>emphasized  that  "Clinton  adamantly  refused  to  make   direct
>requests  for  contributions,  according to two senior Democratic
>officials." Clinton call sheets surfacing since then have  proven
>    With his jaws locked in a firm grip around the  ankle  of  Al
>Gore,  Bob  Woodward has not let go since.  When Reno rejected an
>Independent Counsel on grounds  that  Gore  solicited  only  soft
>money,  Woodward  forced her to reconsider by revealing that some
>of the money raised by Gore had been  diverted  to  "hard  money"
>    Woodward also rebutted Gore's contention  that  the  Hsi  Lai
>Temple  event  was  not  a fund-raiser, by referring to DNC memos
>that show otherwise.
>    Now that Reno has triggered the  60-day  review  of  Al  Gore
>before  deciding whether to give him his own Independent Counsel,
>Woodward is keeping up the pressure.  Last  Friday,  he  led  the
>front page with a large expose of a quid pro quo between Gore and
>a hazardous waste disposal firm.
>    It is interesting that Woodward should  choose  to  focus  so
>much  on  the  Vice  President while ignoring many aspects of the
>corruption of the First Couple.
>    There is no longer any doubt that  Woodward  is  out  to  get
>Gore, the only question is why. Knowing that Woodward does little
>investigative reporting and has revealed  himself  that  he  just
>waits  for  the  telephone  to  call  and someone to give him the
>inside story, the question of why becomes a question of who  that
>person  at  the  other  end  of the telephone line is. Who is Bob
>Woodward's  Deep  Throat,  who   knows   details   about   Gore's
>fundraising  that  even  the Justice Department doesn't know, and
>why does that person want to destroy Gore?
>    Independent White House  correspondent  Sarah  McClendon  has
>information  that may be relevant in answering that question. Her
>sources talk of a "rift" that is  "escalating  between  President
>and  Mrs.   Clinton  and Vice President Albert Gore." In a recent
>report, McClendon wrote that, "This has proceeded  to  the  point
>where  the  Clintons are talking about who should succeed Gore if
>the Vice President should be scandalized  extensively  enough  to
>cause him to resign."
>    Then Sarah McClendon adds an interesting twist to the plot by
>speculating  that  "Gore  is the object of distrust because it is
>believed he would be too independent if he became  President  and
>would  initiate certain reforms especially in connection with the
>Central Intelligence Agency, whose officials wish  to  avoid  any
>change in their covert operations."
>    A CIA connection behind the  effort  to  destroy  Gore?  That
>would  certainly  explain  the involvement of Bob Woodward, whose
>intelligence ties are well-known.  Woodward's  other  revelations
>in  the  campaign finance scandal have been based on intelligence
>leaks: he revealed the NSA intercepts of the Chinese Embassy that
>proved  a  plot  to  influence the U.S. election, and he revealed
>intelligence gathered on White House  visitor  and  indirect  DNC
>contributor  Grigori Loutchansky, whose telephone calls have also
>been intercepted by the National Security Agency.  Loutchansky is
>believed  by  the  intelligence community to be smuggling nuclear
>    Still, the reason the First Couple appears to be dumping Gore
>could  be  much more prosaic than that. The First Couple could be
>trying to throw Gore to the wolves in an attempt  to  save  their
>own  skin.  "It  wasn't  me,  it  was  Al  Gore,"  is  an  almost
>instinctive excuse for Bill Clinton. If  this  is  the  strategy,
>polls  over  recent  months  have  shown  it to be working. While
>Clinton's approval ratings have reached new highs (at least until
>his  home  videos  started  showing  up on the nightly news), the
>earlier high approval rating of Gore has plummeted. His image  of
>a "clean" guy in an otherwise wholly corrupt White House has been
>destroyed, and he may soon get his own independent counsel thanks
>to the incriminating information leaked through Bob Woodward.
>  Published in the Oct. 20, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
>          Reposting permitted with this message intact

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