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Is there an audiotape which we can purchase?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>From the desk of Clayton R. Douglas
>The Free American Newsmagazine
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>The Free American Hour
>Republic Radio 
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>wideband audio 
>News Bulletin
> 	As you may or may not know, depending on your news source, my 
>wife and I were present at the rally for Shirley Allen in Roby, Illinois. 
>I was at the roadblock talking to the cops when Jack McLamb arrived from 
>the airport. 
>	I was at the Christian County courthouse before noon on the day 
>of the rally, talking with the local reporters and the people gathered 
>	Jack McLamb and JJ Johnson spoke to the people and were shouted 
>down by hecklers for supporting the police in this matter.  
>	The megaphone was passed to me. 	What I told the people 
>was received with applause and cheers.  I praised Shirly Boulche for her 
>courage trying to get food and water to Shirley Allen. I suggested that 
>the people of Illinois do likewise, showing up at the roadblocks, 
>five-hundred strong, armed, not with weapons, but with food in one hand 
>and water in the other, and walk the half-mile to Shirley’s house.  How 
>many people could the police arrest? I predicted four hundred people 
>would make it to Shirley’s front porch.  I told the people to keep the 
>pressure on the police and the media and demand that she be given food 
>and water and have her services turned on. It was not reported by the 
>majority of the media as they had packed up and left after taping Jack’s 
>support of the police. 
>	I ask you, what is the purpose of the patriot movement? If we 
>defer all action to the police, why do we have a patriot movement?   If 
>we will not defend a relatively defenseless woman who has committed no 
>crime, who will we defend? 
>	It is wonderful to have a good police force, but to praise them 
>at a rally for the woman they have besieged, is a little like telling 
>your troops just how good their enemy is.  It is counter productive. 
>	Unless your objective is to demoralize the American people or 
>force the surrender of Shirley Allen. 
>	Was my call for civil disobediance ill-timed? Was I guilty of not 
>being a team player or undermining authority?  Was I being implusive? 
>What if people were killed attempting to deliver food, by either the 
>police or Shirley herself?
>	Was Jack McLamb given bad information? Was he used by the police? 
>Is he a patriot led astray, a traitor to the cause or a professional 
>problem-solver for the feds, planted inside the patriot movement to get 
>the besieged to give themselves up peacefully?  
>	These are the questions making the rounds on the internet and 
>talk radio. 
>	To get to the bottom of the matter,  I have invited Jack McLamb 
>to join me on the air to discuss the situation in Roby. He has agreed, 
>pending approval from Don Wiederman, of American Freedom Network 
>(800- 205-6245) and Jeff Baker of Amerinet (800-37-RADIO).  
>	This program would be simultaneously broadcast on both American 
>Freedom Network and Amerinet, where Jack McLamb’s show and the Free 
>American Hour are respectively aired at 9:00 Eastern, 7:00 Mountain time. 
>Proposed date is Monday, October 20, 1997. Listeners of both networks 
>would be able to hear from two of the participants of the rally with 
>different views and be able to judge for themselves.  
>	Please call Don and Jeff and urge them to facilitate this unique 
>	Tune in and give us your opinions.
>Clayton R. Douglas
>Please rebroadcast, repost, refax and otherwise get the word out.
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