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Subject: SLS: Asian Strategy Hatched at 1991 Chinatown Meeting (fwd)

>The Washington Weekly
>October 20, 1997 
>Asian Strategy Hatched At 1991 Chinatown Meeting
>Clinton, Brown, Huang and Lums in Attendance 
>Staff Written 
>The plan to raise illegal foreign contributions for Bill Clinton's
>campaign was hatched long before the 1996 election which is now the
>focus of Senate and Justice Department investigations. 
>The Washington Weekly has obtained a proffer of testimony offered by
>Nora and Gene Lum to Burton's committee in return for a grant of
>immunity. In the proffer, a transcript of which appears in the
>Information section of this issue, the Lums mention a meeting in
>Chinatown, Los Angeles in 1991 or 1992. In attendance were John Huang of
>the Lippo Group, then-Gov.JBill Clinton, DNC Chairman Ron Brown, Nora
>and Gene Lum, and "other politicians." 
>After that meeting, the first quid pro quo involving illegal foreign
>contributions was arranged. A candidate for president of a large Asian
>nation paid the Lums $50,000 in return for a letter signed by Bill
>Clinton endorsing the candidate. The illegal contribution was laundered
>through APAC, an organization set up by the Lums to launder illegal
>contributions to the DNC. Republican sources have told columnist Robert
>Novak that they suspect the Asian leader in question is Kim Young Sam,
>who was elected president of South Korea in February, 1993. 
>Predictably, the Justice Department last week strenuously opposed
>offering immunity to the Lums, even though they have already pleaded
>guilty to making illegal campaign contributions to Senator Kennedy. The
>testimony offered by the Lums would be a bomb under Janet Reno's
>apparent strategy of limiting the issue to whether Bill Clinton made
>illegal phone calls from the White House or not. 
>The testimony of the Lums would tie the current campaign fundraising
>scandal to the Lippo Group, to espionage by John Huang using a Stephens
>Inc. office as a "drop" (predictably, a tape of a meeting between
>Clinton, Huang and James Riady released by the White House last week
>shows clear evidence of tampering), to Dynamic Energy Resources, to Ira
>Sockowitz and his stolen espionage documents, to Ron Brown and his son,
>to Mac McLarty and public utility corruption in Arkansas, to Charlie
>Trie and his close ties to the Chinese government, to the Lippo bribe of
>Webster Hubbell, to Stephens Inc., and to BCCI. 
>Is the Justice Department investigating any of this? It doesn't seem so.
>They are investigating the Lums for a potential tax evasion. 
>Published in the Oct. 20, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly Copyright
>1997. The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com) Reposting permitted
>with this message intact

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