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Subject: SLS: Angst, Anger Spreading Against Uncle Sam (fwd)

>	OCTOBER 21--For a couple of months I've noticed a perceptible
>change in the attitudes of many Americans out in the hinterlands.  To
>coin a phrase from the movie, "Network," folks seem to be "mad as hell,
>and they aren't going to take it anymore."  I think there are a number of
>reasons for this, not the least of which is the continual procession of
>scandals emanating from the White House, and Congress' inaction in
>dealing with all of it.
>	There is more to this than just the stereotypical image of a
>rebel without a cause.  No, the public's divisiveness over race, politics
>and social behavior is indeed real, and with each passing day -- prompted
>by race baiters, hate mongers, small minded thinkers, selfish interests
>and advocates of bigger government -- the divide between the rulers and
>the ruled widens.  To quote a passage from a recent column by Mr. Pat
>Buchanan, just about the only thing that has prevented state secession is
>the close proximity of the aggrieved.  In other words, if we all didn't
>share the same space, then we'd have probably already begun going our
>separate ways again.
>	Since 1993, the federal government has begun a series of what can
>only be called attacks on American citizens, killing scores of them in
>botched raids under dubious legalities.  At the same time, Uncle Sam has
>been steadily building an army of armed federal agents from a plethora of
>agencies, the number of which now tops 80,000, according to Joseph Farah,
>journalist and editor of the online newspaper WorldNetDaily. 
>Furthermore, congressional leaders have done nothing except accuse each
>other of blame, all the while holding "hearings" into various abuses of
>power that end up yielding nothing in the way of real change.  Meanwhile,
>the real culprits either go unpunished, are promoted, or are allowed to
>continue unconstitutional and illegal behavior until now, finally, the
>public is beginning to get fed up with it.
>	It's about time, in my opinion.  Better to be fed up now than to
>let the situation devolve into open warfare later, like some third-world
>banana dictatorship.
>	Even as I write, a couple more standoffs with state and federal
>agencies are occurring in different parts of the country.  In Roby, IL, a
>50-something ex-nurse is holed up in her small trailer, having been
>surrounded by state police officers after being gassed, shot with bean
>bags and subjected to days of loud music, a-la Waco, all because she has
>refused to submit to a psychiatric evaluation.  After shutting them out,
>the woman's kids decided to seek help from the cops, who immediately
>employed gestapo tactics but have so far elected not to 'storm' the
>place--maybe because they are surrounded by some 200 other 'concerned
>citizens'.  The woman has so far anticipated every tactic employed
>against her by wielding a shotgun of her own and demonstrating a
>proficiency at using it, by wearing extra clothing to deflect the bean
>bag shots, and by consuming stored foods and staying warm with a portable
>gas heater.  This woman sounds crazy alright; like a fox.
>	Out in Arizona, local townspeople in a small community have been
>defying an order by the BATF to clear out, all because the agency wants
>to blow up a weapons plant owned by a man who can list the CIA as one of
>his former clients.  In this case the BATF knows this man personally,
>knows him to be innocent of the various charges they're considering
>leveling against him, knows he has ran a legal operation for years, since
>they have granted him license after license to do so, knows he's
>cooperated and built devices for the government before, and have already
>destroyed two other such areas owned by this man.  But the business owner
>and the townspeople have decided not to let the feds have their way with
>this last installment, because to do so would mean abandoning their homes
>-- by order of the BATF -- and none of them want to do that.  After all,
>it's their land, their homes.  
>	At this time the local sheriff's department has lent cooperation
>to the BATF, though a few officers now regret it, and are also insisting
>the townspeople vacate the area so the BATF can "do their jobs."  There
>has been talk of armed resistance if the BATF decides to act boldly, and
>after talking to the owner of this facility, I believe he's serious.  So
>too are the townspeople, who collectively gave the sheriff and the local
>BATF agents serious flak at a recent town meeting set up to resolve the
>matter.  It isn't resolved.
>	These sorts of scenarios would not be happening if the government
>had been responsive to the concerns of its citizens all along, had been
>somewhat more ethical in their behavior, and had taken the issue of
>cleaning up their Washington messes more seriously.  But at this stage,
>it almost seems like much of the country has adopted a siege mentality
>when dealing with the numerous intrusions offered up by dozens of federal
>agencies.  Even the states are becoming hopelessly corrupted, because for
>decades they have helped themselves to the federal government's
>taxpayer-financed largess, conversely losing control over everything from
>local school districts to the management of their own highways and
>waterways.  Washington's answer to this has been to enact even more
>restrictive legislation, grant these intrusive agencies even more power
>then deny their own involvement, shift blame and point fingers at
>everyone and everything except the Bogey Man.  President Clinton is too
>busy finding 'right wing extremists' under every rock, and the
>Republicans are too busy pushing agendas nobody understands.  But
>virtually no lawmaker has gotten serious about de clawing these federal
>agencies.  In fact, in 1996, many of the most intrusive of them received
>more money in their budgets.
>	The nation feels like it is at the precipice of disaster.  Once
>the mood of rebellion sparks, it doesn't take a lot of fuel to ignite a
>	The government's stock reply is that 'people just don't care'.  I
>don't believe that;  from where I sit, it looks as though our lawmakers
>are the ones who are the most apathetic.  ***
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