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>    Editor's note: This is not an isolated case! In this account, the
>    police are actually being given authority over the courts by the
>    legislature!
>              Paper Terrorism Has Effectively Disabled Government
>   by Dean Isaacson
>   This was declared by Representative Karen Schmidt in a letter to all
>   Washington State Representatives and Senators. The letter was written
>   on State Patrol letterhead and dated September 17th. While she was
>   composing this letter, the "effectively disabled" State Legislature
>   was conducting a special session and passing the warrants check bill.
>   Now that the State Patrol has been successful in codifying the warrant
>   search matter, they might not be busy enough with their own affairs.
>   In the letter, she offers the services of the State Patrol's Organized
>   Crime Unit for all those lawmakers who feel themselves to be
>   victimized by oppressive citizens. In other words, our final
>   victimhood group is the people who write our laws and distribute our
>   taxes; and the first agency to get an increase in their fiscal budget
>   will be the overworked State Patrol.
>   With her letter, she enclosed a memo that her aide explained to me was
>   written by the crime unit. These items, which are direct quotes, are
>   among the matters classified to be paper terrorism: bogus liens,
>   frivolous lawsuits, common law courts that issue homemade subpoenas,
>   challenging judges in an effort to disqualify them on a current case,
>   distributing the extremist Citizens Handbook, using the Internet to
>   promote extremist ideas, filing bogus claims in small claims court,
>   and requesting information from courts, government agencies, etc.
>   According to the memo, if you file a bogus or frivolous lawsuit, the
>   State Patrol may intervene. How can they suggest that the Executive
>   Branch has any authority to interfere with due process within the
>   Judicial Branch? Court rules and RCWs both contain penalties for
>   frivolous suits. Now that the State Patrol has tasted new-found
>   powers, will they be deluded in the belief that they will have
>   authority over those who are under the jurisdiction of the courts?
>   Will the State Patrol eliminate the right of a litigant to move their
>   case out of the court of an antagonistic judge? Will they eliminate
>   free speech? and jury nullification? Will they eliminate the Freedom
>   Of Information Act?
>   The memo explains the "Tell-tale signs of Patriot extremists can often
>   be found in their conversation or written documents. Common indicators
>   are biblical passages, [and] referring to the state as a
>   'republic'..." This just shows how out of touch these people are with
>   the citizens and the foundational principles of our nation.
>   The description in the memo of the Patriot movement and other
>   "extremists" is interesting because it really appears to be describing
>   the majority of our elected officials. "Members of these groups bond
>   to one another and lose contact with other people who hold different
>   opinions. This isolation works to reinforce their views, which in turn
>   gives them new purpose."
>   The memo claims that "These anti-government extremists and supporters
>   are convinced citizens are being systematically oppressed by an
>   illegal, totalitarian government". Too bad, the only solution Karen
>   Schmidt and the State Patrol can come up with is to prove they are
>   right.
>   Friends, this issue of total civil government control of our lives via
>   identity cards, spot checks and crack downs on free-speech and due
>   process is not going to mitigate any time soon. This legislative
>   session Karen Schmidt (both Schmidts, for that matter) will continue
>   to push to expand their ability to know everything about you and
>   control every aspect of your life.
>   In a day that we already have crowded prisons, some lawmakers seem
>   bent on making criminals out of ordinary citizens. Then again, this
>   gives them the excuse to release more felons into society. As we cry
>   out for justice and law and order, they grab more authority to write
>   laws that take away our freedoms and give the civil authorities
>   control over every aspect of our lives. They will stand before God for
>   the lives and families they have torn apart.
>   This next session, we need to make our voices heard and to convince
>   our local representatives, especially the GOP, that we value LIMITED
>   government and want to have the authority to live our own lives under
>   God. Next election, we need to take out-of-touch representatives, like
>   Karen Schmidt, out-of-office.
>    Copyright 1997 by the Heritage Caucus. Used with permission. POB
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