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>>From the Daily Oklahoman:
>      Elevator Maintenance Man Shows Murrah Photos to Panel 
>                          10/21/1997 
>                By Diana Baldwin and Judy Kuhlman 
>                         Staff Writers 
>An elevator maintenance man said he left the Oklahoma County grand jury
>Monday with a clear conscience because he told the truth about the condition
>of the Murrah Building's elevators after the April 19, 1995, explosion.
>''When I have a problem deciding what to do, I go to the Bible,'' said Oscar
>Johnson, general manager of Mid-Western Elevator Co.
>Johnson pulled a slip of paper from his pocket and quoted part of a verse
>from 2 Corinthians, chapter 4. He explained the verse meant if he told the
>truth, then the jurors' conscience will guide them to do what is right.
>''That is the way I feel about it,'' said Johnson, wearing a bombing
>memorial pin of a gold ribbon topped with a cross.
>Johnson testified for the second time before the grand jury investigating a
>larger conspiracy in the Oklahoma City bombing. He arrived Monday carrying a
>20-gallon plastic container of photographs taken at the Alfred P. Murrah
>Federal Building. He estimated he had between 300 and 400 pictures,
>including a 30-inch by 40-inch picture of the bomb crater.
>On July 15, Johnson presented the grand jury with photographs and documents
>to support his contention that none of the seven Murrah Building elevators
>fell in the blast.
>Alex McCauley, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent, and David
>Schickedanz, a former Drug Enforcement Administration agent, say they were
>in an elevator that dropped five floors -- to the third -- when the bomb
>went off.
>Some say federal agents were notified in advance about the bombing and were
>not in the building, fueling allegations that agents were lying about being
>in the elevators.
>ATF agents have denied any prior knowledge of the bombing.
>Schickedanz has also testified before the grand jury.
>The grand jury convened June 30 after State Rep. Charles Key, R-Oklahoma
>City, and the late Glenn Wilburn, who lost two grandsons in the bombing, led
>the effort to impanel the investigative panel. Key contends the federal
>government had prior knowledge about the bombing and hid the identity of
>others involved.
>Timothy McVeigh, 29, was convicted June 2 of destroying the Murrah Building
>with a massive truck bomb. The explosions resulted in 168 deaths. McVeigh
>has been sentenced to die. His Army friend, Terry Nichols, 42, is on trial
>in Denver.
>Johnson said he was called back before the six-man, six-woman panel to
>clarify questions about the elevators and the bomb crater. Johnson said his
>testimony had not changed since July. He testified Monday for an hour and 45
>Johnson also said it would have been impossible for the agents to free
>themselves from the elevator because a wall was pushed against the top of
>it, and the doors would not have opened.
>He said there were only two elevators where people could have escaped
>without assistance. On the remaining elevators, either the doors were
>blocked or the elevators were stopped between floors.
>Johnson also disbelieves a Federal Emergency Management Agency report about
>the size of the crater left by the bomb. That report states the blast left a
>28-foot diameter crater, but Johnson claims the crater size was only about
>16 feet.
>Two others testified Monday before the grand jury, which is expected to meet
>through Friday.
>Brian Marshall, a former employee of Johnny's Tire Co., spent 90 minutes
>with the grand jury.
>Marshall worked at the downtown tire company with earlier grand jury witness
>Michael Moroz.
>Moroz testified about two men in a Ryder truck who he said asked him for
>directions to the Murrah Building minutes before the explosion. He
>identified one of the men he saw as McVeigh.
>In 1995, Moroz was considered an important witness. He was one of four
>witnesses asked by FBI agents to try to pick McVeigh out of a lineup, and
>his account of seeing McVeigh was related by an FBI agent at McVeigh's
>preliminary hearing April 27.
>Marshall first told The Oklahoman, ''I didn't see anything.'' But later
>Marshall said that he wasn't going to say what he saw or what he told the
>When asked if he also saw two people in a Ryder truck before the bombing,
>Marshall said, ''Mike is a good guy.''
>Terry Webb, a Phillips 66 employee from Bartlesville, also testified before
>the grand jury Monday, his wife told The Oklahoman.
>The grand jury is expected to hear from at least six other witnesses this
>week. The jurors are scheduled to begin work at 9 a.m. today.     

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