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>>From the Tulsa World:
> Elevator Maintenance Man Again Is
> Before Grand Jury 
> By Brian Ford World Capitol Bureau 
> 10/20/97 
> OKLAHOMA CITY -- An elevator
> maintenance man whose testimony contradicts
> the accounts of two federal law enforcment
> agents made a return visit Monday to a grand
> jury that is investigating the bombing of the
> Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.
> Oscar Johnson, who is employed by the
> Midwestern Elevator Co., testified two months
> ago before the Oklahoma County grand jury.
> He returned Monday, this time with a 20-gallon
> plastic container that contained several
> photographs of the elevators in the Murrah
> Building, as well as photos of the crater left
> when the bomb exploded on April 19, 1995.
> Johnson, whose company inspected the
> elevators in the Murrah Building, has maintained
> that none of the elevators fell after the bombing.
> This contradicts the accounts of two federal law
> enforcment agents who maintain that they were
> in an elevator that fell after the bombing.
> ``I've seen nothing to change my opinion,''
> Johnson said after giving his second round of
> testimony. He said the grand jury ``had a few
> clarification questions'' about his prior testimony.
> Rep. Charles Key, R-Oklahoma City, has
> questioned whether the Federal Bureau of
> Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had received
> warnings of the bombing and questions accounts
> of ATF agents who say they were in the building
> at the time of the explosion that killed 168
> people. ATF leaders strongly deny that they
> received any prior warning of the blast and cite
> examples of ATF and other federal agents who
> were in the building at the time of the explosion.
> Johnson had 300 photographs of the elevators
> in the Murrah Building, as well as other parts of
> the building and the crater site. He disputes a
> Federal Emergency Management Agency report
> regarding the size of the crater. Key and others
> maintain that the truck bomb was not big enough
> to cause the amount of damage incurred by the
> Murrah Building.
> A jury in Denver found Timothy McVeigh guilty
> of bombing the federal building and sentenced
> him to death in June. The trial of Terry Nichols,
> who also is charged in the bombing, is under
> way in Denver. Jury selection is about
> two-thirds complete.
>  Copyright 1996, World Publishing Co.

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