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Subject: SLF: Petition for ORDER to Reno to Show Cause [DRAFT]
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I must chuckle a little bit that so many
Internet activists equate "treaty" with
"United Nations."  The treaty power
predates the UN by many decades.  Treaties
have been recognized as supreme Law, ever
since the Supremacy Clause was first enacted.  

Moreover, the human rights treaties we are 
citing, guarantee effective judicial remedies,
notwithstanding that violations were
committed by persons acting in their
official capacities.  There is nothing
in these provisions which involves the U.N.

As a matter of fact, Congress expressly 
reserved to localities, legal standing to compel 
the federal government to obey these provisions.

It is clear that the several states were intended
by the term "locality," NOT some international
or world government.  So, the knee-jerk 
association -- of treaty with U.N. -- is totally
misplaced and totally off-point, imho.

Is it possible that these mis-associations
are deliberate, in order to dissuade people
from even bothering to read the treaties
in question?  

I answer, "You bet!"

For some background, see the DRAFT NOTICE OF
TREATY VIOLATIONS in the case of State v. Kemp,
now loaded in the Supreme Law Library at the
URL just below my name here:

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

At 10:31 PM 10/22/97 EDT, you wrote:
>On Mon, 20 Oct 1997 14:44:13 -0400 (EDT) pomi <pom@clark.net> writes:
>>->  SearchNet's   SNETNEWS   Mailing List
>>Why is this "being brought" under treaties?
>>Isn't MURDER sufficient for your purposes ?
>>In my opinion we do need to elevate these treaties
>>to the level of our state and federal law.
>>Anything based on them will supersede our domestic law.
>There are those such WCI who seek to promote a strong UN, under the
>belief that it is the logical step of transition of our government
>applied to an entire world.
>The problem is that the UN has no real system of "checks and balances". 
>The UN wants to control world growth under the expectation of a 66% world
>population in urban centers by 2050 (actualy 2025 through 2050).  The
>only way they accomplish this is by having local governments abdicate
>power and authority to the UN.  
>We are aware that the UN wants to disarm the world, but the reality is
>such that perhaps we should see the UN disarmed and disbanded.  
>Let's face it, the UN does not want to recognize the fact that many
>ethnic hatreds have close to a millenia of festering, and that the only
>control is by implementing a complete subjugating force.  On the other
>hand, many would support the hypothesis that the UN is fully cognizant of
>that fact and will implement such an action just for those reasons.  As
>an example, look at how peace actually was attained in the balkans by the
>soviet empire, and look at it now.  And that ethnic fighting has roots of
>only about a half millenia.
>It's all about control.  Controlling You and me folks.   The UN wants us
>to do something to help some starving soul in some desert somewhere feed
>themselves before we can consider leaving our driveway in the morning.

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