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Subject: SLS: House To Probe Chinese Organ Sells

Now, if they will only tug a little
on the threads laid bare, they will
be in for a few big surprises.

This black market includes America.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Today: October 22, 1997 at  12:51:32 PDT
>House To Probe Chinese Organ Sells
>WASHINGTON (AP) -- House  lawmakers demanded Wednesday a full 
>investigation  into a report that Chinese military hospitals are  selling 
>organs from executed prisoners to Americans  needing transplants.
>Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., citing  an investigation by ABC's "PrimeTime 
>Live" alleging  that organs taken from Chinese prisoners are sold  to 
>U.S. and other international buyers, said  there is "strong evidence that 
>federal and state laws have  been broken."
>"We're talking about real men  and women being killed for someone who can 
>pay for  parts of their bodies," said Rep. Linda Smith, R-Wash.
>Chinese Embassy spokesman Yu  Shuning said the allegations of organ sales 
>were  "sheer fabrication," noting that the sale of human  organs is 
>prohibited in China.
>ABC reported Oct. 15 that the  Chinese military charged foreigners up to  
>$30,000 for transplants of kidneys and other organs.  Transplants were 
>advertised in a Chinese-language newspaper  in New York, it said.
>Also, the Senate Foreign  Relations Committee chairman, Sen. Jesse Helms 
>this  week wrote the State Department, saying he plans a  hearing on the 
>matter and asking the department to  take it up with Chinese President 
>Jiang Zemin when he  visits Washington next week.
>In meetings with Jiang, Wolf  said, "The administration ought to speak 
>out and make it  clear that this is unacceptable."
>Human rights activists have  long charged, and Chinese officials have 
>denied, that  China harvests the organs of executed prisoners for sale.  
>But there has been no confirmed evidence that such  organs are sold in 
>the United States or elsewhere.

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