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Subject: SLS: Carville Fires Broadsides at Judge (fwd)

>Chicago Sun-Times
>October 23, 1997
>Loose cannon Carville fires broadsides at judge 
>James Carville was even more frenetic than usual as he identified his
>new target: Judge David Sentelle of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
>for the District of Columbia, the nation's second-leading court.
>Carville's tactics might not be universally appreciated at the White
>House, but his concern about what the judge might do is shared there.
>``I am going to mount a personal campaign to tell the American people
>who the editorial paparazzi and the Republican thugs want to turn the
>Democratic nomination over in the year 2000 to,'' Carville, President
>Clinton's former campaign manager, bellowed on NBC's ``Meet the Press''
>Sunday. He was pointing to Sentelle, calling him a ``lightweight
>jurist'' and ``the most bitterly partisan Republican that they've ever
>had in this country'' who seeks to control the ``nominating process of
>the Democratic Party.'' Carville would trash Sentelle ``just like I
>educated the public about Ken Starr''--the Whitewater independent
>counsel appointed by Sentelle.
>Another Sentelle-appointed independent counsel, to investigate campaign
>finances, is the last thing wanted not only by Carville but also by more
>sedate political advisers at the White House. It would poison the rest
>of the Clinton presidency and could doom presidential hopes for Vice
>President Al Gore, Clinton's anointed heir. But how to avert this
>When I called Carville Monday, he had not cooled down (accusing ``the
>aligned might of the right wing'' of meddling with the Democratic
>succession). Nor was he dismayed by the scant coverage of his
>announcement, promising he would make the news media take notice soon.
>Had he informed the White House of his campaign? Yes. And what was the
>reaction? ``Oh,'' he replied. ``They're scared.''
>Carville's fundamental argument is nothing new. It is based on a
>publicly observed luncheon July 14, 1994, in the U.S. Senate dining room
>between Sentelle and his two friends and fellow North Carolina
>conservative Republicans, Senators Jesse Helms and Lauch Faircloth. The
>senators had been highly critical of Whitewater independent counsel
>Robert Fiske. On Aug. 5, 1994, a three-judge panel headed by Sentelle
>replaced Fiske with Kenneth Starr because Attorney General Janet Reno
>had recommended Fiske's reappointment in violation of the independent
>counsel statute.
>Faircloth told me two years ago ``there was no mention of an independent
>counsel'' at the Senate lunch and that he had never even heard of Starr
>until he was named to replace Fiske. Since then, there has been no shred
>of evidence to the contrary.
>Carville cites five former presidents of the American Bar Association as
>criticizing Sentelle. They did write to the Sentelle panel complaining
>about the Senate lunch. But the circuit's respected Chief Judge Harry
>Edwards in October, 1994, produced a 16-page opinion calling the
>complaint ``naive'' and saying Sentelle had a right to seek outside
>opinions about appointments. Edwards was upheld by the circuit's
>12-member judicial council.
>Carville's lone new element to the case is his conclusion ``that Judge
>Sentelle's wife got a job from Lauch Faircloth to do what Lauch
>Faircloth wanted to do, appoint Ken Starr.'' Indeed, Jane Sentelle is
>currently an assistant to the senator's office administrator.
>Was this bribery? Hardly, to judge from this account given me by
>Jonathan Hill, Faircloth's chief of staff. New at his job in December,
>1994, he wanted more mature people added to a very young staff. Rep.
>Howard Coble of North Carolina sent over the name of a woman whose
>children were grown and could come into downtown Washington daily with
>her husband, who had a government job.
>It was Mrs. Sentelle, but the name meant nothing to Hill. He interviewed
>her, wanted to hire her for an $18,000-$20,000 receptionist's job, and
>took her in to meet Faircloth. According to Hill, the senator then asked
>her whether she was related to David Sentelle.
>Nevertheless, Carville will pound away at this purported trade of a
>receptionist's job for a new independent counsel, while seeking spicier
>fare. He also has announced he will ask the president and vice president
>to a fund-raiser for his Sentelle project. Surely, they will say no. But
>as long as they do not explicitly stop Carville, the impression will be
>left that this campaign of personal vilification has Clinton's
>Robert Novak is a nationally syndicated columnist of the Sun-Times.

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