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>WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Dr. David Satcher, President Clinton's 
>nominee for United States Surgeon General, has told a Senator 
>in writing that he supports Partial-Birth Abortion to protect 
>the "health of the mother."  Dr. Satcher departs from thousands 
>of his colleagues in the medical profession who emphatically 
>declare that there is no health reason to puncture the skull 
>of a partially delivered child and vacuum the child's brains 
>"Appointing an advocate of infanticide to the bully pulpit on 
>our country's health would send an absolutely tragic message 
>to our nation and to the world," Family Research Council 
>President Gary Bauer said Wednesday.  "The position of the 
>'nation's doctor' should NOT be filled by an individual who 
>acquiesces in a radical agenda that threatens the life and 
>health of our nation's mothers and their unborn children.  It 
>would be a great tragedy if the members of the U.S. Senate, 
>who voted overwhelmingly to ban legalized infanticide, endorse 
>as Surgeon General of the United States an individual who 
>legitimizes the gruesome practice of partial-birth abortion," 
>Bauer continued.
>"President Clinton's second veto of the partial-birth abortion 
>ban demonstrates that he is accepting misleading advice from 
>those who put the politics of abortion over the principles and 
>values of our nation," Bauer declared.
>"I call upon Dr. Satcher to explain in medical terms, not 
>political ones, why his views on partial-birth abortion are 
>contrary to the testimony of doctors around the nation who say 
>this horrific and barbaric procedure is never medically 
>American Medical Association President Daniel H. Johnson, Jr., 
>M.D.,  wrote in the New York Times that "the partial delivery 
>of a living fetus for the purpose of killing it outside the 
>womb is ethically offensive to most Americans and physicians."  
>In May, the AMA, a 297,000-member group of doctors, joined 
>PHACT (the Physicians' Ad Hoc Coalition for Truth), a group of 
>over 700 doctors nationwide -- many of them specialists in 
>neonatology and obstetrics -- in saying this procedure is never 
>medically necessary.
>Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop told the American 
>Medical News in August of 1996, "... in no way can I twist my 
>mind to see that the late-term abortion as described -- you 
>know, partial birth, and then destruction of the unborn child 
>before the head is born -- is a medical necessity for the 
>mother.  It certainly can't be a medical necessity for the 

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