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Subject: SLL: need STRING routine for DOS command processing

Dear Team SL:

I need a string function or program
which can parse a DOS file name,
and return the filename (prefix portion),
without the dot (".") and without the
extension (or "suffix" as I call it).

I am used to having an operating system
with this kind of command language.
Evidently, Win95 does not support such
a capability.

It may utilize an environment variable,
but then I would also need a program
or function to pull the value of
a specific environment variable from
the DOS environment list.

For example:


          %1 is a batch variable which is
          passed into the batch program,
          containing a DOS filename, like

The result is:

This will allow the same batch program to
append a different suffix, and dot, to
this PREFIX, e.g.


This latter command concatenates PROLOG.HTM, JUDNOT01.ASC,
and EPILOG.HTM, and writes the concatenated result to
the output file JUDNOT01.HTM.

This will save a lot of edits upon the full list of
DOS filenames which end in .ASC in any given directory.

Any and all help will be most appreciated.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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