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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: The Neutralization of Janet Reno (fwd)

>"Janet Reno Coverup of OKC Bombing is Revealed"
>October 21, 1997
>Black Ops Reporter Special
>FBI 'knew in advance' of Oklahoma bomb
>By Hugo Gurdon in Washington
>comments by Chip Tatum, BlackOps Reporter 
>THE trial of Timothy McVeigh for the 1995 Oklahoma bombing was a 
>government cover-up to shield FBI agents who knew about the plot but 
>failed to stop it, according to a book by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 
>alleging massive corruption under President Clinton.
>With McVeigh already sentenced to death for the blast which killed 168 
>people, and Terry Nichols, an alleged accomplice, standing trial, the 
>book's claim will spark anger, particularly in Oklahoma City where 
>witnesses saw bomb squad officers before the explosion, and 70 per cent 
>of citizens believe that the government is lying about it.
>The Secret Life of Bill Clinton includes a transcript of an official 
>debriefing of Carol Howe, an undercover informant for the Bureau of 
>Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Howe warned that the Oklahoma federal 
>building had been a target and said: "Strassmeir has talked frequently 
>about direct action against the US government. He is trained in weaponry 
>and has discussed assassinations, bombings and mass shootings . . ."
>Andreas Strassmeir, a former German army officer, had penetrated a 
>neo-Nazi commune called Elohim City (God's City), from which, the book 
>says, the terrorist attack may have been planned and executed. Despite 
>this and despite interviewing more than 20,000 witnesses, the government 
>has interviewed Strassmeir only on the telephone a year after the 
>bombing when he had fled to Germany.
>The author, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, who worked as The Sunday Telegraph 
>correspondent in Washington until the summer and who now works for The 
>Daily Telegraph, recounts a remarkable interview of his own with 
>Strassmeir. They discuss an "informant". Strassmeir has denied that he 
>was referring to himself during the conversation.
>Mr Evans-Pritchard writes: " 'There comes a time in every botched 
>operation when the informant has to speak out to save his skin, and 
>that's now, Andreas'. " 
>" 'How can he?' Strassmeir shouted into the telephone. "What happens if 
>it was a sting operation from the very beginning? What happens if it 
>comes out that the plant was a provocateur?'
>'A provocateur?'
>'What happens if he talked and manipulated the others into it? What 
>then? The country couldn't handle it. The relatives of the victims are 
>going to go crazy. He's going to be held responsible for the murder of 
>168 people.'
>'That is true.'
>'Of course the informant can't come forward. He's scared shitless right 
>'It sounds to me as if you've got a problem, Andreas.'
>'Schiesse'. "
>Some 300 members of the victims' families are suing the government 
>claiming that the bombing was a "government sting" designed to trap 
>neo-Nazis but which went horribly wrong.
>There is no doubt that McVeigh was guilty, says the author, but the 
>whole truth has been concealed because none of the witnesses who saw 
>McVeigh with accomplices was called to testify by the prosecution. That 
>would have led back to Elohim City and the culpable incompetence of the 
>FBI and ATF, the book argues.
>These conclusions may gain credence even among the sceptical American 
>press following comment yesterday by Robert Novak, a respected 
>columnist, in the Washington Post. Dismissing previous smears of the 
>author, Mr Novak writes, he "is no conspiracy theory lunatic (and) is 
>known for accuracy, industry and courage".
>The Secret Life of Bill Clinton also documents a cover-up in the death 
>of Vince Foster, deputy White House counsel, officially ruled a suicide. 
>The author has evidence of obstruction and systematic falsehood in the 
>official version of events - prompting the lead investigator, Miquel 
>Rodriguez, to resign.
>Patrick Knowlton, a witness, refused to retract testimony that he saw a 
>thuggish man standing guard at Fort Marcy Park shortly before Mr 
>Foster's body was found.
>The night before Mr Knowlton's second interrogation by the FBI, his car 
>was vandalised. The author has tracked down the perpetrator: a freelance 
>FBI agent with the highest category of security clearance. The book 
>suggests that Mr Foster's suspicious death may be linked to his 
>incriminating inside knowledge of alleged corruption in Mr Clinton's 
>government in Arkansas.
>Larry "L D" Brown, a former member of Governor Clinton's security 
>detail, recounts a mission to Mexico allegedly to kill a man who knew 
>the state government was winking at weapons smuggling to the Nicaraguan 
>The author writes: "Brown did not want to be on the wrong side of a 
>house-cleaning operation by the CIA, so he accepted the mission."
>To open the door on the past and compare the crimes of 'Tricky Dick' 
>Nixon to the current administrations achievements..."Tricky Dick" pales 
>in the shadows to the crimes of 'Crooked Dick' Clinton. Clintons ability 
>to manipulate perception is not an accident. President Clinton was 
>trained by the best during his earlier years.
>But how is he so successful? A basic element to the success of any 
>enterprise whether it is a simple business transaction, a military 
>operation, or a criminal activity...is...control. One must control 
>information in order to keep the perseption of casualties to a minimum. 
>If this is accomplished, a level of success, regardless of the outcome, 
>is assured. 
>During my years working under the CIA and NSC, part of my duties 
>included neutralizations. A neutralization rarely ends in the 
>termination of the target by assassination, but rather, more commonly by 
>intimidation or coersion. On more than one occaision we relied on 
>themodern equivalent of the Hoover diaries to "Control" a politician who 
>had his nose where it did not belong. But in order to document a 
>"Hooverian" activity by the politician, we would routinely 'set-up' our 
>target in an illegal activity and document the event...without his or 
>her knowledge...very sucessful for control purposed. 
>Now we have a situation which is an absoluteatrocity to our country. 
>Prior to the 1995 bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, 
>Attorney General Janet Reno was her own man (so to speak). She so 
>dutifully calls to the attention of the public and congress her 
>willingness to call special prosecutors when the criteria applies. 'Five 
>to date', Janet Reno so proudly boasts...but wait...these were all 
>called prior to the 1995 Bombing. Coincidence...I think not. The recent 
>revelation brought forward by Ambrose Evans-Prichard concerning Ms. 
>Reno's knowledge of the planned bombing in Oklahoma City, opens her 
>to  'Hooverian Control'. 
>The scenario is really quite simple...whether the President knew of the 
>blast in advance and allowed it to happen is quite inconsequential in 
>the neutralization of Attorney General Janet Reno. Eventually President 
>Clinton found out that Reno did have 'prior knowledge' and used this to 
>Operation is a complete success and 'Crooked Dick Clinton' rides the 
>waves of corruption to their term limits. 

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