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Subject: SLS: Don McAlvany's Warnings to Prepare (fwd)

>>From http://www.involved.com/ewolfe/distress/prep-3.htm
>Don McAlvany's Warnings to Prepare
>Don McAlvany in his newsletter, The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, talks
>about what to do to prepare for what is coming. Here is what he writes: 
>"...there are a number of things you should do, or be doing quickly. 
>First, understand the times in which we live -- politically, financially,
>and spiritually (or Biblically). MIA and a
>few other maverick newsletters try our utmost to help our readers to
>discern the times. 
>Second, develop a sense of urgency (a major sense of urgency) that time may
>not be on your side in getting you
>and your family out of harm's way and prepared for the political, social,
>adn financial crunch which lies ahead. 
>Third, pray for wisdom and guidance from the God of the Bible on how to
>manage and protect your family's
>finances, on where to live, on how to live, etc. (James 1:5) 
>Fourth, have the courage of your convictions, don't mind looking foolish,
>being laughed at by family, friends, or
>advisors -- and don't mind being early by a few months or even a few years.
>(Remember, everybody laughed at
>and ridiculed Noah [and ignored his warnings] as he built the great ark on
>dry land.) It does take time to rearrange
>your finances and change your lifestyle or where you live. Use your time
>wisely and do not waste it. 
>Fifth, after developing a strategy, act, and act upon it quickly. Don't
>procrastinate. Repeat. Don't procrastinate! 
>This writer has a tremendous sense of foreboding that a series of crises of
>epic proportions (financial, social, and
>politicial) are approaching rapidly in America and elsewhere around the
>globe. MIA has written several times
>over the past year that 1996 could well be the last year of stability. 
>Here are more recommendations from Don McAlvany. 
>1. Simplify your lifestyle to the greatest extent possible. That includes
>simplifying your investment porfolio.
>There are very few investments that will make sense over the next five
>years. Preservation of assets should be
>your goal -- not making a high return or "a killing" on your investments. 
>2. Get liquid! To the greatest extent possible, avoid illiquid investments.
>For example: big city (or even medium
>city) real estate; limited partnership investments; the stock market and
>all equity mutual funds, which will become
>very illiquid when the great cascade begins (except gold stocks or gold
>stock mutual funds); any long bonds
>(corporate, U.S. government, or municipal) which will also become very
>illiquid in a crash, or funds invested in
>3. Avoid new debt/pay off old debt -- mortgages, credit cards, consumer
>finances, etc. Don't finance a new or
>used car with debt. Only buy what you can afford to pay cash for. Not only
>take on no new debt but pay off your
>existing debt as quickly as possible -- even if you have to sell off some
>assets to do so. Being debt free us the
>ideal way to enter the coming period of convulsions. 
>4. Get out of the cities/move to a small town or rural area -- A few
>hundred miles from a major city is best, unless
>you must commute to a job in a big city. In that event, 50 to 75 miles into
>the country or a small town will have to
>do. Thirty to 50 miles, or more, from an interstate is also best. In the
>period of .....convulsions which lie ahead,
>America's big and medium sized cities are going to become tinder boxes or
>war zones. 
>Crime, violence, gang warfare, drive-by shootings, etc., already very high
>will rise geometrically and real estate
>prices will (are!) drop(ing) sharply as a result. Meanwhile, many real
>estate bargains still exist in rural or
>small-town America -- though prices have been rising in recent years due to
>the influx of refugees from the urban
>5. Develop a small circle of likeminded friends or family members with whom
>you can plan, strategize, and
>cooperate when the instability arrives. But if you can't find likeminded
>friends or relatives who really do
>understand the times, then it is better to go it alone. Aside from the
>small circle of "soul mates," keep your plans
>and strategies very low profile, very private. Share only information
>people need to know. 
>6. Acquire up to two years of food reserves, and do it now! Global food
>reserves are presently the lowest in
>history! America's food reserves are now the lowest in U.S. history!
>America under our Demo-Republican
>socialist leadership has sold off (or given away) most of our food
>surpluses in recent years to Russia, Red China,
>and basket case Third World countries. 
>A drought, the worst since the dust bowl days of the 1930s, now covers the
>American Midwest (our bread basket)
>as well as the Western and Southwestern U.S. (i.e., about two-thirds of the
>country). At this writing, the drought is
>getting worse. Forest fires have already started breaking out in the very
>dry American West, several months ahead
>of schedule. 
>Corn prices are now among the highest in U.S. history, and wheat prices the
>highest in decades. America may be
>importing corn for the first time in U.S. history by September. Cattle
>herds are being decimated by various
>plagues (i.e., the entire cattle herd in England -- about 4.5 million head
>-- are being slaughtered because of Mad
>Cow Disease). 
>Every family should have TWO YEARS of dehydrated food reserves. They should
>be acquired now because the
>supplies could dry up over the next few months. The production for these
>reserves is very limited -- the markets
>are very thin. Already, deliveries are taking 4-6 weeks. 
>If the global food crisis (incidentally the subject of the June '96 MIA)
>continues to accelerate, not only will those
>supplies dry up, but our "beloved" political leaders will probably pass
>laws or executive orders against "food
>hoarding." Food rationing (ala World War II) is not out of the realm of
>possibility -- especially in the midst of a
>State of Emergency. 
>But they are unlikely to raid millions of homes looking for excess food
>stores. For information on acquiring
>dehydrated or freeze dried food reserves or adding to what you have, call
>International Collectors Associates at
>In addition, if you live in a small town or the country, consider
>installing an all-year greenhouse (solar powered
>is best), a chicken house (for growing meat and eggs), and acquisition of
>two cows. Breed them both each year,
>slaughter the calves, keep one and sell or barter with the other. Of
>course, those steps are really only feasible if
>you live in the country, but greenhouses can be built in your own backyard
>in a small town or even in the city. The
>lower profile you are with such a greenhouse, the better. The politics of
>envy and spying on your neighbors could
>come into vogue over the next few years. 
>7. Develop a second source of income for your family in case you become a
>victim of corporate downsizing;
>factory relocations to China, Mexico, or the Third World; or the economic
>crunch simply sweeps away your job
>or business. There are thousands of potential home-based businesses for
>those with an
>entrepreneurial/never-give-up spirit. MIA has listed books on these
>subjects in past issues. You might consider a
>local vocational (vo-tech) school [now days these are often community
>colleges: GG] for yourself or your
>children to learn an extra skill (completely different from your previous
>training) which you could use or market
>in a time of financial crisis or depression. 
>8. Additional areas of self-sufficiency discussed in past a nd future
>issues of MIA: 
>a) Spiritual self-sufficiency -- Develop a personal relationship with the
>God of the Bible through daily Bible
>reading, prayer, and time alone with the Lord -- a relationship which is
>not dependent necessarily on a local
>church or some TV preacher. This writer believes that home churches (ala
>the underground home churches in Red
>China today) could be the wave of the future in America as government
>pressure grows against higher profile
>churches -- especially those which are politically incorrect or stick to a
>strict interpretation of the Bible. 
>b) Educational self-sufficiency -- Over a million American families are now
>homeschooling their children. They
>keep them out of the government brainwashing factories which are
>programming the next generation for "safe"
>sex, alternative lifestyles, against traditional family values, against the
>Constitution, and to be good and obedient
>serfs in the New World Order. If you want to give your children a superior
>education and protect their minds (and
>bodies), home school them! 
>c) Communications self-sufficiency -- Every family should have at least a
>World Band shortwave radio which
>can receive transmissions from all over the world. Even better is to get a
>ham radio license so as to be able to
>legally transmit in time of crisis. This could be a very useful skill to
>acquire for someone in your family. 
>d) Reading self-sufficiency -- Develop a library of old classics, of old
>history books (U.S. and world), of
>how-to/self-sufficiency books, of alternate medicine books (especially on
>herbal medicine) and of Christian
>classics. These books are being removed from libraries and not reprinted.
>Every member of your family above 7
>years old should be reading two hours a day seven days a week. Turn off
>your TV -- it is a tremendous waste of
>e) Medical self-sufficiency -- Learn about alternate medicine techniques
>(oxygen therapy, detoxification therapy,
>herbal medicine, biomagnetic therapies, nutritional therapy, chelation
>therapy, and a host of other therapies) that
>may save you or some member of your family's life in a period of crisis or
>medical breakdown. Some of these
>techniques you can use in your own home if you do your homework. 

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