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Subject: SLS: Judicial Complaint Forms & Instructions (fwd)
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>>To All,
>>Below, hopefully, is the final version of an appeal that will be
>>e-mailed to about 500,000 patriotic Americans.  Preliminary copies are
>>being sent to 6 people: Sally, Bill, Avis & Bob, Carol, Lou, and BJG
>>prior to widespread distribution.  Peggy Dadic is having trouble getting
>>the "Step-By-Step Instructions" to work as planned, and I am having
>>trouble both with the "Step-By-Step Instructions" and "the Alternate
>>Since wide distribution of this mail-out has very great potential, we
>>don't want that potential to be severely diminished because recipients
>>have trouble getting the procedures to work. They are apt to turn away
>>from something that they have an initial enthusiasm for. 
>>Please try out both procedures and and let us know if you find problems
>>with one or both.  If you respond by email, please address the email to
>>Peggy (nonlawyer@innocent.com), Dean (deant@ix.netcom.com), and BJG
>>(bjgavlis@pcisys.net).  We are aiming to try to find what changes, if
>>any, we need to make, by tomorrow morning, Wednesday, Oct. 29th.
>>Thanks to everyone,
>>The citizens of this great land are being isolated day by day from the
>>machinery of government by an ever growing iron curtain of arrogance,
>>elitism and contempt being by those who wield power.  The Dadics' case,
>>in which they have absolute proof positive of illegal activities in the
>>Legal/Judiical system, may be one of our last and best opportunites to
>>seriously break that iron curtain.  Because the Dadics are so meticulous
>>in their filings and other actions, they have survived over 500 highly
>>biased hearings.  They can win if we give them a boost.
>>The Dadics are asking us to perticipate in "OPERATION 372".  OPERATION
>>372 is a project of American Profession Services.  The 372(c) procedure
>>and its promise for possible benefit is explained in some detail at 
>>In the remainder of this email transmission you will find:
>>1.  The Dadics' Cover Letter to those interested in helping. PLEASE READ
>>2.  After the Dadics' Cover Letter are the Step-By-Step instructions
>>that they have prepared for us to use in order to print out, sign, and
>>send a 2 page complaint form plus the 5 page complaint itself to 11th
>>circuit court and other locations. IF YOU FOLLOW THE STEP-BY-STEP
>>INSTRUCTIONS, you will have an opportunoity to read the documents that
>>they are asking that you send to the 11th district court and others. 
>>If, after you read those documents, you want to continue with the
>>process of filing a complaint, then just contniue following the
>>3.  Below the STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS you will find the Preface, Rule
>>1 and Rule 2 of Section 372(c) of title 28.  These are provided for your
>>4.  An alternate procedure that can be used to particpate in Operation
>>372.  This alternate is at the end of this email transmission.  If you
>>have a problem with the STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTION which follows the
>>Dadics' Cover Letter, then please try the ALTERNATE PROCEDURE.
>>If you have trouble with both the STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS and the
>>ALTERNATE PROCEDURE, call the Dadics at (561) 790-7734 or e-mail them at
>>Let's help the Dadics and everyone else by following the procedure that
>>the Dadics have laid out.
>>On Behalf od the American Liberties Coalition of South Florida 
>>and the Tax Reduction Task Force,
>>Dean G. Taffel
>>PO Box 1350
>>Loxahatchee, Florida 33407
>>(561)790-7734, Fax 790-5580
>>e-mail: dadic@earthlink.net
>>October 12, 1997
>>Dear Fellow American and Friend:
>>        Enclosed is a Complaint for Judicial Misconduct against the
>>Chief Judge for the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals  Justice Gerald
>>Bard Tjoflat.  
>>        This Judge, unless someone else is signing orders in his name,
>>has recently done a serious turn-about in his thinking.  In May of this
>>year Judge Tjoflat personally wrote the opinion in the case of United
>>Statesv. Gunby. In the Gunby case, the 11th Circuit upheld a commendable
>>lower court decision in which the defendant in that case, Georgia
>>Magistrate Judge Chester L. Gunby, who pled guilty to mail fraud and tax
>>fraud stemming from his embezzlement of filing fees collected by the
>>county magistrate court received a stiffer than normal sentence.  
>>        In the Gunby case, Judge Tjoflat strongly opined the
>>applicability of upward Sentencing Guidelines (U.S.S.G. S 5K2.7) because
>>Gunby's convictions had cast doubt upon the integrity of the Baldwin
>>County judiciary.   
>>        What a shame, in his own court, Judge Tjoflat turns a deaf ear
>>to the please of these two pro se litigants who are asking him to stop
>>the attorneys and members of his own Clerk's office from continuing to
>>commit the felony of tampering with their court files.  
>>        The Dadics, you see, have the audacity to be suing the County
>>Commissioners of Palm Beach County Florida who had the ability to stop
>>the fraud that began their legendary court fight six long years ago in
>>the Florida State Courts.  Worse yet, the Dadics have the unmitigated
>>gall to have filed lawsuits against more than seventy-two attorneys who
>>became involved in the fraud a south Florida builder and his attorney
>>initiated against them back in 1991.  
>>        To help the Dadics and more importantly to help your fellow
>>citizens who, like the Dadics, may not have the money to pay hundreds of
>>thousands of dollars to attorneys in order to stand up for their rights
>> please read the attached Judicial Complaint.  If you agree that we
>>need to bring Justice and Honesty back into the 11th Circuit Court and
>>all federal and state courts please file a complaint and let the courts
>>and your elected officials know about it.
>>        You don't have to have standing nor must you pay a fee.  Just
>>mail the required number of copies (please read the instructions
>>carefully) to the address indicated.  
>>        These complaints are recorded by the Administrative Office of
>>the United States Courts, an agency that is monitored by Congress.  Each
>>and every complaint is also given a docket number and becomes a 
>>permanent part of the judge's personnel file.
>>        Every federal judge in the Unite States goes to bed at night
>>dreaming of singing with the Supremes in the Imperial City.  No federal
>>judge has a prayer of being nominated or appointed to the U.S. Supreme
>>Court if he or she has a dossier containing hundreds or thousands of
>>judicial misconduct complaints.
>>        Please ask five (5) of your friends to do exactly what we're
>>doing, then ask each of those five (5) to do the same thing in turn.  In
>>five levels we will have turned forty (40) complaints into twenty-five
>>thousand (25,000).
>>        Please also send a copy of your Complaint to both your
>>Congressman and to your Senators.
>>        Congress normally only gets twenty-five hundred (2500) of these
>>judicial misconduct complaints each year.  If we can put enough of these
>>in maybe we can stop the corruption in the Courts, starting with the
>>11th Circuit in Atlanta.
>>        DO NOT modify this progression by asking other people to do
>>anything illegal, such as making threats.  To do so, would just put us
>>all in the same boat with the crooked attorneys and the judges that look
>>the other way when they lie.
>>        For anyone who knows they can't afford to pay a lawyer and would
>>have no choice but to try to represent themselves if they were arrested
>>or sued  this is a must.
>>        Michael and Peggy Dadic have been fighting for six years.  They
>>had to give up their lives to fight this corruption.  Not missing the
>>more than 500 hearings the attorneys have set trying to run them out of
>>money has meant not being able to continue in their work as a husband
>>and wife Decorative Painting Team.    
>>        Michael and Peggy now travel throughout the country doing
>>seminars to help ensure that dishonest attorneys will not destroy
>>others.  They are on talk radio as much as they can be letting people
>>know that you really can represent yourself and teaching people how to
>>learn enough so that they don't have to put blind faith in some lying
>>lawyer.  One who is likely to take all of your money and let you lose in
>>the end.
>>        As you read the enclosed complaint against the Chief Judge of
>>the 11th Circuit, Judge Tjoflat you will see that it is critical that
>>our elected officials begin to understand that we will no longer
>>tolerate the intentional destruction of our Judicial System by attorneys
>>who would rather cheat and lie than do some honest work.  Attorneys who
>>can continue to feel free to commit felonies because a Chief Appellate
>>Court Judge has chosen to look the other way.
>>        What if it were you who had a fraudulent lawsuit filed against
>>you? Could you stop working to attend 500 hearings or would the lying
>>attorneys on the other side simply run you out of money and win?
>>        If the Judicial Council in the Eleventh Circuit takes action
>>that will cause some judge to stop the fraud in the Dadic case you too
>>can feel confident that as long as you are right and have stamina you
>>too can win in our courts on your own.
>>        The F.B.I. is not interested in investigating the tampering with
>>the Court's Files.  The U.S. Attorney in Miami has three times refused
>>to investigate it also.  
>>        What do you think would happen to you if you went in and removed
>>key documents from a Federal Court's files?  Mike and Peggy believe they
>>unlike the attorneys and others who are doing this to their files would
>>most certainly be sitting in jail.
>>        The Supreme Court has made it crystal clear in the Paula Jones
>>case that the President is not above the laws.  Why should a federal
>>judge be above the law?
>>        There are only about 850 judges in the federal courts.  There
>>are only fifteen (15) federal Circuit Court of Appeals chief judges: 
>>Chief judges at that level handle all 28 USC Section 372(c)(1) judicial
>>misconduct complaints in their respective Circuits (except complaints
>>directed against them personally, which are handled by the next judge in
>>        If we, together, can negatively impact the careers of even six
>>or seven of the federal judges who think they can make up the law as
>>they go along and ignore felonies when they are committed by a fellow
>>member of the bar that should be all it takes.  The remaining federal
>>judges who are less than honest, will have to start re-thinking their
>>responsibilities and will be forced to start meting out justice fairly
>>to everyone who comes into their courts.
>>        Help us take our courts and our Constitution back from people
>>like Judge Tjoflat who think the court system is a place to ignore
>>anyone who doesn't come in with a bar-member attorney as their guide.  
>>____________________________    __________________________
>>Michael Dadic                           Peggy Dadic 
>>STEP 1: 
>>AT http://www.tjpcust.com/aps/mpdadicc.htm 
>>Name of Complainant is your name.
>>Your address.
>>Your telephone number.
>>(on the second page)
>>Sign your name at the bottom of page 2 and enter the date.
>>STEP 2:
>>STEP 3: 
>>        1.      The signed and completed, two page Complaint Form.
>>        2.      The five-page attachment.
>>STEP 4: 
>>ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30303-2289.
>>NOTE:  The Envelope to the Clerk of the Court must be sent by certified
>>mail, return receipt requested.  
>>STEP 5: 
>>STEP 6: 
>>STEP 7: 
>>PO BOX 960
>>STEP 8: 
>>                        U.S. COURTS ADMINISTRATOR
>>                        MR. LEONIDAS RALPH MECHAM, DIRECTOR
>>                        1 COLUMBUS CIRCLE N.E.
>>                        WASHINGTON DC 20544
>>STEP 9: 
>>                        ATTORNEY GENERAL JANET RENO
>>                        DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
>>                        TENTH STREET & CONSTITUTION AVE. N.W.
>>                        WASHINGTON, DC 20530    
>>STEP 10: 
>>Please send a copy of that return card and the docket number to Michael
>>and Peggy Dadic at:
>>The Dadics (Defeating Attorney Dishonesty In Court)
>>P.O.Box 1350
>>Loxahatchee, Florida 33470
>>The Preface, Rules 1 and 2 are reproduced here:
>>                                             Preface
>>Section 372(c) of title 28, United States Code (hereinafter, Section
>>372(c), which is reproduced in Appendix A to these Rules, authorizes a
>>person to file, or a Chief Judge of the Eleventh Circuit to identify, a
>>complaint that a circuit judge, district judge, bankruptcy judge, or
>>magistrate judge has "engaged in conduct prejudicial to the effective
>>and expeditious administration of the business of the courts" or is
>>"unable to discharge all of the duties of office by reason of mental or
>>physical disability." For purposes of these Rules, the term "Chief
>>Judge" shall refer to the Chief Judge of the Eleventh Circuit and, when
>>the Chief Judge is precluded from exercising his authority under Section
>>372(c), to the circuit judge in regular active service next senior to
>>the Chief Judge.
>>Sections 372(c) does not provide an alternative means of obtaining
>>judicial review of judicial decisions thought to be erroneous. A
>>complaint that is either "directly related to the merits of a decision
>>or procedural ruling" or is "frivolous" shall be dismissed.
>>Authority: Section 372(c)(1), (2), (3)(A).
>>Chapter I. Complaint of Judicial Misconduct or Disability
>>   a. Form. Complaints of judicial misconduct or disability under
>>Section 372(c) are to be filed on the official form provided by the
>>Clerk of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
>>(hereinafter, the Clerk), which is reproduced in Appendix B to these
>>Rules. This form may be obtained by visiting or writing to the office of
>>the Clerk at the address shown in paragraph (g), below, or by
>>telephoning that office at 404-331-2211. The form may also be obtained
>>from the clerk of any district court or bankruptcy court within the
>>Eleventh Circuit. A separate complaint form must be filed for each
>>complained of judge. Complaints must be legible; if possible, they
>>should be typewritten. 
>>   b. Statement of facts. A statement written on 8  " x 11" paper
>>should be attached to the complaint form, setting forth with
>>particularity the facts on which the claim of misconduct or disability
>>is based. The statement of facts should not be longer than five
>>single-sided pages and should include-
>>       1. a description of the conduct complained of; 
>>       2. the time and place of the occurrence (or occurences) of such
>>conduct; and 
>>       3. other information, such as the names and addresses of any
>>witness to such conduct, that would assist an investigator in confirming
>>that the conduct occurred. 
>>   c. Submission of documents. Documents referred to in the statement of
>>facts may be filed with the complaint. The statement should cite the
>>page(s) of such document(s) that the complainant deems pertinent to the
>>allegations of the complaint. 
>>   d. Number of copies. Three copies each of the complaint, statement of
>>facts, and any document(s) filed therewith are to be filed with the
>>   e. Signature. The complainant shall sign the complaint (in the space
>>provided on the form) and thereby declare under penalty of perjury that
>>the allegations in the complaint are true. 
>>   f. Anonymous complaints. An anonymous complaint shall not be accepted
>>for filing by the Clerk. Nonetheless, the Clerk shall forward such a
>>complaint to the Chief Judge. 
>>   g. Place of filing. Complaints shall be sent in an envelope to:
>>      Clerk, United States Court of Appeals
>>      56 Forsyth Street, N.W.
>>      Atlanta, Georgia 30303-2289
>>     The envelope shall be marked "Section 372(c) Complaint." The name
>>of the complained-of judge shall not appear on the envelope. 
>>   h. Supplementation. Once filed, a complaint may not be supplemented
>>or modified by additional statements or documents unless authorized by
>>order of the Chief Judge. 
>>In the interests of the effective and expeditious administration of the
>>business of the courts and on the basis of information available to the
>>Chief Judge, the Chief Judge may, by written order stating reasons
>>therefor, identify a complaint and thereby dispense with the filing of a
>>written complaint. If a complaint is identified under this Rule, the
>>Chief Judge shall not be considered a complainant and shall perform all
>>functions assigned to the Chief Judge under these Rules.
>>Authority: Section 372(c)(1).
>>this email then please try the following ALTERNATE PROCEDURE:
>>1.  Go to the Home Page of American Profession Services 
>>at http://www.aps-law.com
>>2.  The Click on the box which says "Learn About Operation 372".
>>3.  You will see a page where the question is posed which says, "What is
>>372(c) Complaint?  Read that section.
>>4.  At the bootom of that page you will see a link that says, "Michael
>>and Peggy Dadic".  Click on that link.
>>5.  You will now see a page which says at the top, "American
>>Professional Serrvices."  Below that you will see a banner that says,
>>"Help Mike and Peggy Dadic."  A little below that you will see the
>>words,"What you need to Do."
>>6.  FOLLOW THE "What you need to Do" INSTRUCTIONS.

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