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Subject: SLS: "blank checks"

Yes.  Blank checks are aok.

I assume you mean that the line
which reads:  "PAY TO THE ORDER OF" [sic]
is the only section which is blank,
but the amount sections are completed,
i.e. digits & letters.

Bear in mind that USPMO's say: "PAY TO".
There is a very important difference
in law here, but the Post Office counter
clerks are not presently aware of this
important difference.  "PAY TO" must be
negotiated by the payee;  "PAY TO THE ORDER OF"
can be signed over to a third party, because
the payee is "ordering" the assignment of 
the funds to a third party.  A sharp bank
should bounce any "PAY TO" instrument which
exhibits a third party.

If you like, we can let you know
to whom the check is paid, when we 
negotiate it.  I would recommend that
we run the completed check through 
our fax machine, in "copy" mode,
and then mail the facsimile back to
you, for your records.  But, you will
eventually get the check back from the
bank, if you have requested them to do so.

Please advise us on this minor detail,
if and when you send the check.

We always recommend that you now start
stating "Without Prejudice, U.C.C. 1-207" 
on all your commercial paper, e.g. bank
checks.  We have a comprehensive paragraph
from filed court pleadings which explains 
the meaning of this phrase, if anybody should
ask or need to know.  

And, when you have them reprinted next time, 
add this same phrase just below your pre-printed
name, on each pre-printed check.

When I succeeded in getting Bank of America
and Wells Fargo Bank to convert my old accounts
to W-8 accounts, we also instituted this
change, because the account numbers changed
with the submission of the W-8 for me.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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><<Hello Mark,
>You can pick up the thread by
>requesting Alta Vista to search
>for "John Hamaker" and then look
>for the seminar schedule on soil
>remineralization at URL:>>
>Paul - can you take blank checks and just make them out to someone else or
>would you prefer not to do that?  It's easier for me to send you blank
>checks, but if you don't want them, then I will make trips to the PO and
send you money orders?

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