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Subject: SLS: Babylon 5 worth watching (fwd)

>There is a show out there called "Babylon 5" that has been running for
>several seasons that has been dealing with this whole matter of government
>run amok, secret police, trashing of the Constitution, militias, illegal
>orders to and use of the military against civilians and the war crimes
>trials that stem therefrom, and all the rest. Of course, they have been
>doing it carefully, shrouded in a glitzy science fiction setting, but the
>political scenarios they have been dealing with are right from today's
>headlines and behind the headlines. Their last show dealt with rewriting
>history. They have finished their series as written by the original
>producer, and will shortly start a new season on Fox, since Turner acquired
>the show. It remains to be seen if Turner bought the show to derail them
>from their political commentary or what. If you can get any of the old
>shows on tape, do so. It is a complex series and you cannot get anything
>like up to speed by watching one or two episodes. For one who is aware of
>some of the things going on in our government at present, this show is
>frighteningly accurate. OTOH, for Joe Sixpack or anyone not at least
>somewhat familiar with today's political realities, it comes across as just
>another grade B sci-fi show. It has been a masterfully done piece of veiled
>political commentary in the years I have watched it. There is a web site,
>www.babylon5.com, but it is rather superficial. The producers of the show
>have been very careful to NEVER obviously intimate that they were doing
>anything other than a work of pure escapist fiction. Perhaps that is why
>they stayed on the air so long and dot so much of their message across
>before the biggies bought 'em out. I haven't mentioned this show before
>because I didn't want to bring them to the attention of those who might
>alter or silence it. Now that seems to have happened, so the point appears
>> From: Liberty or Death <ghostpwr@dmi.net>
>> To: roc@xmission.com; ignition-point@pobox.com; fratrum@netside.com;
>> Subject: Forwarded - Caution
>> Date: Tuesday, October 28, 1997 10:56 PM
>> Forwarded from elsewhere, and probably good advice...
>> -----------------------------------------------------
>> >This evening while watching two shows on CBS, (JAG & Michael Hays) the
>> >theme of the shows were militia related.  The first involved militia who
>> >kidnapped a pilot's family in an attempt to convince him to shoot down a
>> >plane carrying some gov.org people.  The second was about a radio talk
>> >show host convincing people to take vengeance upon ATF, FBI, ETC., for
>> >their actions in Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.
>> >
>> >It has been my experience in the past that whenever such programs begin
>> >to appear on the boob tube, it is soon followed by some action by
>> >gov.org against some group whom they claim is militia/patriot connected
>> >intent on doing damage.
>> >
>> >It may be wise at this time and for the near future to use extreme
>> >caution in anything related to militia or patriot activities.
>> >
>> >Besides it about time gov.org tried to create another diversion to
>> >direct attention away from big time troubles in the administration and
>> >justice dept.
>> >
>> >I would also suggest your mail list also be informed and advised to use
>> >caution.  Use every source available to you to determine how much
>> >national media is directed against militia and/or patriot activities for
>> >the next few weeks.  It has seemed in the past that the national media
>> >has always started preparing the public for some disaster planned by
>> >gov.org a few weeks before it actually happens.
>> >
>> >Take care and God bless all.
>> - Monte
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