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Subject: SLS: more on "Paper Terrorism"

>May I suggest that all of you visit Harolds web page and read the new info
>he has posted on Paper Terrorism down in the ALERT section.  He has posted
>very educational information that we should all be aware of.
>this is just a few items to catch your interest.....
>Rep. Schmidt Memo Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3 
>Response to Rep. Karen Schmidt from a bona fide "paper terrorist", aka
>Floyd Timothy:
>Response to Rep. Karen Schmidt from Attorney Steffan Bertsch. 
>Response to Rep. Karen Schmidt from nine Washington state legislators. 
>Response from Rep. Karen Schmidt to nine Washington state legislators. /
>Page 2 
>Response to nine Washington state legislators from Rep. Phil Dyer / Comments
>Response to "Paper Terrorism" by the State of California 
>The National Association of Attorneys General: 
>The National Association of Attorneys General met in St. Louis, Missouri
>the week of
>Oct. 20, 1997, to discuss ways "to fight the guerrilla war [otherwise known
>as "Paper
>Terrorism"] taking place in county courthouses throughout the United
>States," as
>detailed in this article in the Kansas City Star and seen at:
>Jackie Juntti

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