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Subject: SLS: "The Witching Hour" [sic]

>From: Christopher Goodheart <safetrek@mcn.net>
>Subject: URGENT NEWS - "The Witching Hour"
>Dear Friend of God-Truth:
>Want to know what happens to a nation when satanism is practiced by it's
people through genocide, abortion, and all manner of evil?
>Look at America right now, 
>URGENT NEWS at http://urgent.safetrek.com/Witching Hour.htm
>Here we have the world's leaders in genocide, abortion, nuclear
proliferation, biowarfare, terrorism, etc. as they meet with the real
demons, satanists and principalities of darkness... right before the eyes
of dumbed-down, information-overloaded, boob-tube masses. 
>America has been blessed materially and cursed by the worth-ship of things
before God.  This curse has taken God out of government, education, health
care and the economy. Higher consciousness thus has little to do today with
higher education. The word "holistic" has thereby been removed from health
care.  And the abundant life has been sacrificed on the altar of an
economic system that values scarcity of anything of real value.
>If you want to see how we're being set-up for the kill, and what you can
do about it, check it out.
>http://urgent.safetrek.com/Witching hour 
>For your safe trek, 

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