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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: legal expansion of "Without Prejudice"

The following nomenclature expressly expands upon the true
meaning of the terms "Without Prejudice", "Under Protest",
and/or "All Rights Reserved".  These three terms are
synonymous, and interchangeable.  See U.C.C. 1-207.

/s/ Paul Mitchell


     18.  Respondent  has   transmitted   a   large   volume   of

correspondence to  Petitioners, in  which  He  has,  among  other

things,  explicitly   reserved  all   His  rights  with  language

sufficient to place Petitioners on actual notice that:

     (1)  He explicitly  rejects any  and  all  benefits  of  the

Uniform Commercial  Code, absent  a  valid  commercial  agreement

which is  in force  and to  which He and Petitioners are parties,

and cites  its provisions  herein only  to serve  notice upon ALL

agencies of government, whether international, national, state or

local, that  they are,  and He  is not, subject to, and bound by,

all of its provisions, whether cited herein or not;

     (2)  His explicit  reservation of  rights has  served notice

upon ALL  agencies of  government of the "Remedy" which they must

provide for  Him under  Article 1,  Section 207  of  the  Uniform

Commercial Code,  whereby He  has explicitly  reserved His Common

Law right  not to  be compelled  to perform under any contract or

commercial agreement  into which  He has  not entered  knowingly,

voluntarily, and intentionally;

     (3) His  explicit reservation  of rights  has served  notice

upon ALL  agencies of  government that  they are  ALL limited  to

proceeding against  Him only  in harmony  with the Common Law and

that He  does not,  and will not, accept the liability associated

with  the   compelled  benefit   of  any   unrevealed  commercial

agreements;  and

     (4) His  valid reservation  of rights  has preserved all His

rights and  prevented the  loss of any such rights by application

of the concepts of waiver or estoppel.

     This valid  reservation of  rights was  retroactive nunc pro

tunc to  His date of majority, due to His continuous discovery of

numerous government  frauds instituted  before  His  birth  (e.g.

California Elections  Code  and  voter  registration  affidavit).

/s/ Paul Mitchell
Counselor at Law

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