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Subject: SLS: The Coming Earthquake (fwd)

>Hi Paul,
>Thank you for the info re. Hamaker, very interesting reading.
>I have included your report below - it says it's edited - have you got
>the full version or further reports? It makes the most sense I've read
>on the 'net in a long time!
>I know this is all one way traffic at the moment but I will make
>in Christ
>SLS: The Intelligence Journal (snip)
>The Intelligence Journal - A Special Report / spec. (edited)
>THERE IS a distinct feeling of muted panic in the air on Wall Street.
>Oh, no one is outright admitting it, but after the charade of passing
>short-term spending
>resolutions in order to keep the U.S. government open and funded for
>business, the awesome and ghastly realization is now setting in amid
>the general population:
>America is bankrupt.
>Researchers have long seen the writing on the wall. The fantastic U.S.
>consumer boom of the eighties was a ghost boom based upon the
>reduction of banks'
>reserves for loans from 100% to just 3%. This enterprising piece of
>legislation became known as the Monetary Control Act of 1980 and
>fueled the greatest feeding
>frenzy of spending the world has ever seen. The net effect over the
>long haul was to over extend the banking institutions.
>Co-chairman of Reagan's Grace Commission, Harry Figgie, Jr, created
>mild panic when he published his apocalyptic treatise, "Bankruptcy
>1995". The Grace
>Commission, you may recall, was the rescue and watchdog operation in
>the eighties which supposedly executed an in-depth, remedial
>diagnostic into the terminally
>ill fiscal machinery of Uncle Sam.
>Notwithstanding the 2,000 recommendations put forward by the
>Commission to trim up spending and make the United States Government a
>lean, mean, spending
>machine, very few actual changes were made. Today, the National Debt
>of America is approaching the $6 trillion mark. The government is now
>incapable of even
>making the interest payments on this debt. It has long since been
>acknowledged that it has given up all pretense of ever paying back the
>principal. But to whom?
>The Federal Reserve Bank, a private institutional monopoly of the
>Rockefeller/ Morgan/ Rothschild One-Worlders, prints America's
>currency out of nothing and
>then loans it to the Federal Government at interest. Thus the currency
>itself is incurring interest even while it sits in your pocket. The
>vast majority of America's
>national debt is ephemeral, coming as it does from this generation of
>currency interest.
>Researchers of the New World Order will know that the international
>banking cartel's efforts to bankrupt national and international
>monetary systems are all but
>complete. The motive: To replace the current system of fiscal
>transactions with a new economic infrastructure designed to take the
>world cashless. You don't think
>they are shooting up one Space Shuttle every six weeks merely to study
>the reproductive habits of newts in zero gravity, do you?
>The Illuminati banking dynasties have big plans for us all. They
>involve the total control of world economic and political systems
>which they will gain by creating
>problems (big ones) and then offering solutions. This system of
>mass-people conditioning is known as the Hegelian Dialectic and
>involves leading Joe Public through
>three conditioning steps into blind acquiescence to their wishes.
>Step One: Create a huge problem.
>Step Two: Create a huge emotional public response to the problem,
>usually via the controlled mass communications and media.
>Step Three: Move in with the desired solution to the problem which
>will normally result in a FURTHER EXPANSION OF GOVERNMENT.
>Communism on a global scale is the plan, the culmination of centuries
>of secret planning, treason and gross political and economic intrigue;
>and they almost have the
>cat in the bag, thanks to the total apathy of the population. It is
>certainly true that, when faced with unsettling developments within
>their own country, a nation's
>inhabitants tend to view the whole problem as being one outside of
>their control, and thus nothing is done. This apathy is exacerbated
>when the electoral process is
>seen as incapable of effecting any real change.
>Actually, where America finds herself today is a result of decades of
>deliberate, emotional over-stimulation of its inhabitants through TV,
>rock music and film. Also
>the attack has been against the United States' proud heritage,
>spiritual values and patriotic fervor. On cursory inspection, one does
>not need to be a rocket scientist
>to work out that it is much more than America's economy that is
>The United States is leading the world in violent crime, teenage
>pregnancy, voluntary abortion, illegal drug use and an illiteracy rate
>that surpasses all the
>industrialized nations.
>In 1990, 700,000 high school graduates could not even read their own
>diplomas. The average vocabulary of a high school teenager today is
>around 15,000 words
>as compared with 70,000 words 100 years ago.
>America has 2 million `latch-key' children. One in three little girls
>and one in five little boys will be sexually abused before their
>thirteenth birthday. The city of
>Washington D.C. is the murder capital of the world.
>The city of Los Angeles is the pornographic capital of the world. The
>city of San Francisco is the homosexual capital of the world and the
>city of New York is the
>child abuse capital of the world.
>How in the world could a nation that began as a Christ-centered,
>Biblically-based, God-fearing republic, full of spiritual and moral
>integrity, disintegrate into the
>modern-day Babylon we see today? More to the point, where is it all
>going to end up?
>The relevance of studying America from the British point of view is
>that these trends in America always replicate themselves over here. We
>can own up to a high
>degree of physical and spiritual decay in Europe so clearly the
>problems mentioned earlier are more than just American.
>The decay can be more clearly understood if we continue with the
>American model and return for a moment to the past. Founding father,
>James Madison, declared:
>"We have staked the whole future of our country, not upon the power of
>government, far from it, but upon each and every one of us to govern
>ourselves according
>to the Ten Commandments." Benjamin Franklin intoned: "Man will be
>governed by God or by Tyrants." It was accepted unquestioningly in
>those days that the
>principles laid down in the Bible would be those upon which the United
>States of America would be governed. George Washington was sworn in as
>President with
>his hand on an open Bible turned to Deuteronomy 28. This was symbolic
>of America making a covenant with God. It is instructive for us to
>re-read those passages
>to see what will happen to a nation who will or will not keep its
>covenant with the Lord.
>The Deuteronomy 28 covenant is fascinating in its execution when one
>studies the history behind it because it gives one a crystal clear
>view of one of the Lord's
>major prophetic scriptures coming to pass precisely as written. For
>the first one hundred and eighty years of America's constitutional
>history, she rose to the status
>of a world power. She enjoyed bumper harvests, safe cities,
>law-abiding citizens (for the most part!) and an undefeated military.
>Attempts by the Illuminati to subvert Christianity according to the
>Weishaupt and Rothschild manifestos always brought swift judgment from
>God such as was seen
>with the slavery issue and the Civil War that followed. In 1892, the
>U.S. Supreme Court upheld a ruling which declared that "America was a
>Christian nation." This
>was not to say that other religions were not tolerated, they were. It
>was to state clearly and emphatically for all to hear that America was
>being blessed because she
>walked in God's ways.
>All this changed on June 25, 1962 when the U.S. Supreme Court struck
>down school prayer in the landmark case of Engel versus Vitale. This
>decision was ratified
>with an eight word phrase, "a wall of separation between church and
>state". This phrase has been grossly misconstrued and falsely believed
>to have been written into
>the original founding documents of the American republic, yet it can
>be found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the
>Declaration of
>On June 17th, 1963, the Supreme Court banned school Bible reading in
>the Abington versus Schempp case. The court explained its decision as
>follows: "If portions
>of the New Testament were read without explanation, they could be...
>and had been psychologically harmful to the child."
>Imagine what James Madison would have thought about the Bible causing
>brain damage to the kiddies. No doubt today he is spinning like a
>lathe in his grave.
>In 1980, the Ten Commandments were taken out of the schools in Stone
>versus Graham. The U.S. Supreme Court decision was characterized by
>the following
>"If the posted copies of the Ten Commandments are to have any effect
>at all, it will be to induce school children to read, meditate upon...
>perhaps to venerate and
>obey the Commandments... this is not a permissible objective."
>What a sad statement. Commandments like "Do not kill", "Do not commit
>adultery", "Do not steal" have been taken out of the school system
>because they, the Ten
>Commandments, are unconstitutional.
>Originally the Supreme Court in the United States was the ruling body
>who enforced the law for the protection of the Constitution. From the
>sixties forward,
>America took a turn few recognized at the time: the judiciary (Supreme
>Court) began to usurp the powers of the legislature (Congress) and
>formulate law.
>That all the Supreme Court Justices are members of the Illuminati's
>Council on Foreign Relations is not a widely known fact in America.
>Yet the track record of
>antichrist legislation since 1962 is plain for all to see. So has been
>the result of America turning its back on God. The following year,
>1963, saw the killing of
>President John F Kennedy. Further key political assassinations were to
>follow: Malcolm X, Robert F Kennedy, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, and
>>From that point forward, America was to lose its first war in Vietnam.
>Trade and harvests were to suffer during the following decades with
>unprecedented and
>appalling weather and economic woes. Ten years after they took God out
>of the schools, they had to put the metal detectors in. Much has been
>read and written
>about the globalist advocates of the New World Order. Books and papers
>have been written about the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, the
>Rockefellers, the East India
>Company and all the rest of them. Yet most of these works fail to deal
>with the most salient issue of all: Why is God allowing all this to
>Non-believers will put it all down to a bunch of elite communists
>(yes, there is such a thing!) with mega-bucks and weird, fanciful
>religious leanings who are hell-bent
>on taking over the world and enslaving the lot of us.
>Proponents and students of God's Word will know that what is occurring
>in the realm of global politics today is the direct result of a world
>that has turned its back
>on all known truth about God and sprinted after the heady mixture of
>humanism and science.
>After 1962, the second half of the Deuteronomy covenant cut in,
>beginning at verse 15. Our cities will be war-zones, our children will
>be cursed, our harvests will
>fail and our enemies will vanquish us...etc..etc.. The earthquake that
>struck Los Angeles on the morning of January 17th, 1994 struck the
>pornographic capital of the
>world, Northridge. In fifteen seconds of blinding terror and
>unspeakable din, God destroyed 90% of the companies which produced 75%
>of the world's video
>pornographic products. Six of the most powerful earthquakes to have
>struck California this century have all occurred on or immediately
>following the day of major
>homosexual rights or abortion rights rallies.
>I believe the judgment of God is intensifying against America and all
>other nations that have turned their back on God, and that includes
>Britain. One of the inevitable
>consequences of this apostasy will be the `breaking of the staff of
>bread' (Eze 4:16; Eze 5:16). The earthquakes, riots, mudslides,
>tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes,
>UFOs and other spooky stuff don't appear to have caught our attention
>and our humility. Maybe taking away our food will get a rise out of
>us. What do you think?
>One economic crash over in the States and the London markets will fall
>like dominoes. There is a $19 trillion derivatives pyramid based on
>nothing but hot air
>linking all the world's financial markets together. Good grief, look
>what Leeson was able to do with a pint of beer and a lap-top. Barings
>Bank? The same Barings
>that financed the Brits through the Napoleonic Wars??!
>Lloyds too is a good example of how vulnerable erst-while sacred
>financial cows are today. There is no such thing as financial
>security, either private or corporate.
>The cryptocracy have seen to it that the Mother of All Financial
>Wing-Dings is now on its way down the pipe at us and we'd best be
>ready for it.
>You see, when you play `Mortal Kombat' with God, guess who wins? God
>has always used wicked men to judge the world and God changes not (Mal
>3:6). The
>Lord knows that in times of affluence, people fall away from Him and
>in times of desperation and national calamity, heaven is jammed chock
>full of prayer lances
>winging their way towards the throne room.
>It does rather look like someone has taken America, zip code 911, and
>pinned it to the bulls-eye of some cosmic dart-board, wouldn't you
>agree? I believe the
>Lord is doing everything possible to spiritually awaken His people. In
>the measure that we have turned our back on God, He will give us over
>to our own delusions
>and God Himself will choose them. A nation will get the leaders it
>deserves. 1 Tim 2:1-2 instructs us to pray for our leaders. How many
>of us are doing that these
>days? Abraham Lincoln said: "The philosophy of the classroom in one
>generation will be the philosophy of government in the next."
>Sadly this prediction has come true. We now have governments without
>God because we took God out of the schools in the sixties.
>Today a vast proportion of the British Beef herd is to be slaughtered
>because of a bogus condition called Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
>(BSE/CJD). Is
>England under a curse too? Is it possible that Britain is also on
>God's hit list according to Deuteronomy 28 and the subsequent
>judgments listed? Consider Deut
>28:31: Your cattle shall be slaughtered before your eyes, yet you
>shall not eat of them."
>Christ is moving in a very specific way in America and England today.
>asked the question earlier: What prophetic significance does America
>have in the Last Days?"
>It is my view that America represents the commercial Babylon written
>about in Revelation 18. She is the Whore who sits on Many Waters (the
>Statue of Liberty
>was a gift from the masonic lodges in Paris to the New World Order
>of America. In her hand is the torch of Prometheus, not a Christian
>deity, by the way). Why don't you re-read Revelation 18 with America
>in mind and tell me what
>you think?
>The city or land in this passage undergoes her judgment in one day and
>the destruction looks suspiciously like a nuking. Certainly it has
>only been fairly recently that
>it has become possible to destroy a city with fire in so short a space
>of time (verse 10).
>Verses 2-3 describe America to a tee. New York City especially was the
>launching point for the Illuminati in America and today houses the
>modern-day illuminist
>manifestation for global pretensions, the United Nations.
>Might it interest you to know that the Rockefellers have sold all
>their holdings in New York City and have moved their operations to
>Minneapolis and Phoenix.
>Now why would they go and do a thing like that? Do they know something
>we don't?
>There can be little doubt that America is finished as an economic
>power. She has gone from being the wealthiest nation on earth to the
>planet's leading debtor nation
>in a little under forty years, thanks to the curses of fractional
>banking and the Rockefeller/Morgan/Rothschild-sponsored destruction of
>its currency. The new
>cashless infrastructure is but a Black Monday away... and believe me
>when I tell you IT WILL BE BLACK. America's fall will precipitate the
>greatest financial
>world chaos the planet will have ever seen. And out of all of the
>confusion and the misery and the looting and the killing this period
>will bring upon the nations, a
>brave new cashless system enforced by the might of the UN's New World
>Army will emerge, finally headed up by one man given 33 titles in the
>Old Testament and
>13 in the New.
>Most people today are completely ignorant of the turn events will take
>in the very near future. I believe we are at the most exciting time in
>human history and it is
>about to take a quantum leap. We have the most extraordinary
>opportunity to view the most incredible fulfillment of Scripture in
>all that is going on around us.
>And neither should we be nervous or scared about what is coming upon
>the world. Jesus said that He was telling us these things so that we
>would not stumble
>(Mark 13:23). Nor have we been given a spirit of timidity (this is the
>correct translation of the Greek) but of power, love and a sound mind
>(2 Tim 1:7). We need to
>discover what the Will of the Father is and shine the light of Christ
>to all who are in the darkness. Many Christians I know have already
>headed for the hills in
>America and elsewhere. This is NOT the Father's Will.
>We should be active in righteous living and practicing holiness,
>without which no-one will see the Lord (Heb 12:14). Every day the Lord
>gives us should be spent
>living a life that is pleasing to Him (Titus 2:7; 2:12; 2:13-14; 3:8).
>Paul exhorted Timothy to discipline himself for the purpose of
>godliness. As the Scriptures say, we
>should not become weary in well-doing. God is not looking for a pious,
>religious people in these times. He is looking for a holy people who
>are zealous for good
>works (Romans 2:7; Titus 2:14). Can you see how nations have perished
>simply because they came off God's program and charged after their
>own? Can you see
>how God knows what is best for His people and how His commandments are
>not burdensome (Matt 11:29-30)?
>This link between disobedience to God and charity and the demise of
>nations is a vital one and the subject of this editorial. What starts
>at family level will ultimately
>impinge upon the national destiny of a people. We are seeing categoric
>proof of this link everywhere we look today. Murder is legal in the
>United States and
>England today, just so long as you pay a doctor to do it and it is
>carried out in the womb - only 41 million unborn children so far in
>America since January 22nd,
>1973. What do you think God thinks of that?
>Alexis de Tocqueville once remarked: "America is great because America
>is good. If America ever ceases to be good, she shall cease to be
>great." How could you
>equate that with Britain who, in the last fifty years, has lost its
>entire empire (a quarter of the globe) and has now been relegated to
>the status of a second class
>economic power? For those with eyes to see and a conscience still
>intact, the time has come to wake up. God is watching all our deeds
>and He will judge us down
>to the thoughts and intentions of our hearts (Matt 12:36). He is
>looking for a few good men and women who will be a light and an
>example to others in these times.
>Will that be you ?
>Did You Know That Today In America:
>* 57 People will be murdered.
>* 251 Women will be raped.
>* 54,000 Men are serving long-term prison sentences.
>* 3,000 Teenage Girls will discover they are pregnant.
>* 3,133 Unborn Infants will be aborted (murdered).
>* 135,000 Weapons will go onto school campuses.
>* 3.3 Million Problem Drinkers will go to school.
>* 40 Students will be shot on campus.
>* 623 Students will discover they have a sexually transmitted disease
>* * * * * * * * * * * * * * **
>It Is A Fact That:
>* 60% of all American Married Men have admitted to adultery.
>* 69,000 Californian Students were assaulted last year on campus.
>* This Weekend, 30% of America's Students will be drunk.
>* 200,000 Children under age 13 will be sexually abused this year.
>* Only 7% of America's Families today consist of a dad who works, a
>mom who is making a home... and children.
>* A Man convicted of rape can expect to spend 80.1 days behind bars.
>* A Person convicted of murder can expect to spend an average of 3.3
>years in jail.

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