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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Bank Holiday -Sweet Bye and Bye (fwd)

For related analysis, read "Return to Constitutional Money"
by Dr. Edwin J. Vieira, Jr., in the Supreme Law Library,
at the URL just below my name here:

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>To all:
>>Tyranny is always cloaked in complexity and a systematic scheme. What we
>>have witnessed today in the Stock Market is reminiscent of what happened in
>>1929. On October 29, 1929, just one week before Black Tuesday, with
>>Franklin D. Roosevelt as Governor of the State of New York, the President
>>of New York's National City Bank stated, "I know of nothing FUNDAMENTALLY
>>wrong with the stock market or with the underlying business and credit."
>>On October 29, 1929, with Frankline D. Roosevelt as Governor of the State
>>of New York, the International Bankers launched their second attack to
>>overthrow the gold and silver monetary system of the United States, by
>>creating the Stock Market Crash, historically known as "Black Tuesday." On
>>that day, the New York Stock Exchange saw some 16,000,000 shares sold at
>>declining prices. Two weeks later, on November 13, 1929, some
>>$30,000,000,000 in value of listed stock was wiped out. A simple
>>bookkeeping alteration caused hundreds of investors, knowledgeable men that
>>knew the difference between solvent Constitutional gold and silver assets
>>versus insolvent commercial debt paper money, to leap out of skyscrapers to
>>their deaths. Many banks and farmers were wiped out as the "depression"
>>took its toll. 
>>Today, after the stock market took a dive of 554 points, the Dow Jones
>>Industrial Average closed at 7,161. This was the largest single plunge in
>>the history of the Dow. The decline was more than the drop in 1987. Mike
>>McCurray (sp?), White House Spokesman, announced late this afternoon that,
>>"The FUNDAMENTALS in this economy are strong . . . there's nothing to worry
>>about." Similarly, Robert Rubin, the so-called "Secretary of the Treasury" 
>>--whom you will soon discover is really the alien, corporate "Governor" of
>>the United Nations IMF and World Bank-- stated on National television
>>tonight that there is nothing FUNDAMENTALLY wrong with the economy."
>>I hope you caught that word "FUNDAMENTALLY." Because there is nothing
>>FUNDAMENTAL about what is being passed off as the present debt-ridden
>>monetary system. The FUNDAMENTAL Law of the Land regarding our
>>Constitutionally authorized monetary system has been raped, violated and
>>usurped and stolen from us.
>>Let there be absolutely no mistake that we are, today, operating under the
>>"Emergency Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933." A quick look at Title 12,
>>Section 95b, of the United States Code Service, Lawyers Edition (Lawyers
>>Co-op Publishing), will CONFIRM the "emergency." Title 12 is entitled,
>>"Banks and Banking."
>>12 USCS 95b.  Ratification of acts of President and Secretary of the
>>Treasury under section 95a. "The actions, regulations, rules, licenses,
>>orders and proclamations heretofore or hereafter taken, promulgated, made,
>>or issued by the President of the United States or the Secretary of the
>>Treasury since March 4, 1922, pursuant to the authority conferred by
>>subsection (b) of section 5 of the Act of October 6, 1917, as amended [12
>>USCS 95a], are hereby approved and confirmed." (March 9, 1933, ch 1, Title
>>I, Sec. 1, 48 Stat. 1.) This is taken from the current volume of the United
>>States Code Service, Lawyer's Edition. You will find these books shelved at
>>your LAW LIBRARY . . . please go and read Sections 95a and 95b for
>>What everyone needs to understand is that the Act of March 9, 1933
>>*AMENDED* the War Powers Act of October 6, 1917, 40 Stat. 411, thereby
>>CHANGING the terms and conditions of "ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES" -- from
>>that of foreign nations -- TO -- Citizens of the United States. The Act of
>>October 6, 1917 is known as the "Trading With The Enemy Act." Yes, YOU are
>>the DECLARED ENEMY -- ALL U.S. citizens are now enemies of the United
>>States. By this Act, a state of WAR was officially declared upon the
>>American public.
>>The Emergency Banking Relief Act placed the United States in a CONDITION of
>>**BANKRUPTCY**. Now, let me briefly walk you through what this means in
>>layman's terms:
>>(1) There no longer exists a sovereign authority known as the Untied States
>>of America. *THE UNITED STATES* is insolvent, and therefore exists in
>>deficient, i.e., VOID, of all governmental powers. (The Supreme Court in
>>1824 decided that if a State became a party to a banking or a commercial
>>enterprise, the State could be sued in the course of the business, on the
>>legal principle that when a government becomes a partner in any trading
>>company -- IT DIVESTS ITSELF, so far as concerns the transactions of that
>>company, OF ITS SOVEREIGN CHARACTER and takes on that of a private citizen.
>>The case being spoken of here is Bank of the United States v. The Planter's
>>Bank of Georgia, 6 L.Ed. 244 (1824). A little more on this later -- but,
>>the meat of this and what you need to understand is that the United States
>>IS a trading partner in the IMF and the World Bank, referred to commonly as
>>"The Fund" and "The Bank" and therefore it - the United States - is
>>operating solely under the corporate charter of these two INTERNATIONAL
>>ORGANIZATIONS.) Presently, Robert Rubin, who POSES as the "Secretary of
>>Treasury," is in reality the alien, corporate "Governor" of "The Fund" and
>>"The Bank" for a period of five years. Try as you might to find an
>>appointment for "Secretary of the Treasury" -- you will NOT find it. That
>>"TITLE" exists in PRETENSE OF NAME ONLY! The Treasury of the United States
>>of America has not existed since about 1921. What you THINK is the
>>"Treasury" is now called the "Department of the Treasury." Rubin is NOT
>>paid by the Government of the United States of America - he is paid by the
>>United Nations IMF and WORLD BANK. Reality check: When it is THE UNITED
>>STATES OF AMERICA versus YOUR NAME, the real party in interest is not the
>>United States, but The Fund and The Bank . . . same said as when it is the
>>STATE OF WASHINGTON (or whatever state) versus YOUR NAME. The real parties
>>to the suit are not in the courtroom, but merely the ALTER EGO's of The
>>Fund and The Bank. 
>>(2) The United Nations, which is the World Communist Movement, is in total
>>social control of the non-governmental "Federal Reserve Banking System," a
>>private corporation which is overseen by the International Monetary Fund
>>(IMF). Therefore in truth, a FOREIGN POWER has distinctively and unlawfully
>>USURPED the Constitutionally authorized gold and silver Monetary System of
>>the United States of America. (Have you heard the term "HUMAN RESOURCES"
>>where you work? Pursuant to the United Nations System of National Accounts,
>>overseen by the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank, the people
>>located within areas subject to the International Organization's system are
>>ultimately LIABLE to pay all of the expenses and debts of the system; as
>>such, they are designated as "HUMAN RESOURCES" and "INSTITUTIONAL UNITS."
>>They are IDENTIFIED by their Social Security Account Number a.k.a. Taxpayer
>>Identification Number. If you have the number, YOU are an INSTITUTIONAL
>>UNIT. You've probably also heard the term "HUMAN RIGHTS" have you not?
>>Human Rights are Communist Rights and NOT Liberties.
>>(3) The President of the United States is powerless to sign or act upon
>>anything, due to the fact that his Office is INSOLVENT, powerless,
>>paralyzed and dissolved. Stated bluntly, there has not been a solvent
>>President of the United States since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt. 
>>(4) Both Houses of the United States Congress are totally powerless to
>>write or enact any new laws. Therefore, every law written and enacted by
>>the insolvent House and Senate since March 9, 1933 is worthless, frivolous
>>and is evidence of a fraud because the United States is Bankrupt. The
>>Congress of the United States are today acting purely as TRUSTEES IN
>>BANKRUPTCY for the International Bankers who are the Receivers. The word
>>"receivers" means the new owners of the United States Federal Government
>>and is franchise territories.
>>(5) The United States Court Systems under and pursuant to the Constitution
>>for the United States of America (1787) have been DISSOLVED. There exists
>>today only Intergovernmental Tribunal Court Systems under the International
>>Courts of Justice, governed by UNlicensed and UNregistered Agents of
>>Foreign Principals. These include Attorney's at Law; Esquires; and,
>>non-governmental private bar association members of sworn Foreign
>>Allegiances. All of the courts operating in America today are operating
>>under the United Nations. The Common Law residing with the Constitution has
>>been replaced with the sole will of the insolvent judges to perform their
>>services in any manner under the Rule of Necessity (no law).
>>(6) The Common Law Jury as called out in the Constitution for the United
>>States of America (1787) has been replaced with what is known as HOMAGE and
>>ADVISORY juries. Under a Constitutional Common Law Jury, you are judged by
>>twelve State Citizens being your Peers. Therefore, if you are a farmer,
>>then twelve other farmers would judge you and not some Black Robed pretend
>>Priest directing the HOMAGE or ADVISORY juries that they are to only
>>concern themselves with the FACTS and he that he will decide the law. A
>>true Common Law Jury decides BOTH the FACTS and the LAW!
>>(7) All United States court instruments known as summons, subpoenas,
>>arrests, arraignments, pre-trials, trials, convictions, allocution and
>>prison sentences are all voluntary actions by the consent of a TRIAD,
>>meaning three: (a) The Court; (b) The Plaintiff; (c) The Defendant. The
>>CONSENT of all three parties is required in order to achieve In Personam
>>and Subject Matter Jurisdiction, by a Bankrupted Federal Government.
>>(8) There exists no Governmental Law Enforcement Departments or Officers of
>>the United states, of the several States of the Union, the Territories or
>>Local Governments. Every Law Enforcement Officer today is an AGENT FOR
>>INTERPOL, overseen by an Agent of a Foreign Principal: Janet Reno, who is
>>the Permanent Representative to INTERPOL. She is not paid by the United
>>States of America, but The Fund and The Bank - the United Nations.
>>(9) The United States is today merely the ALTER-EGO of the United Nations
>>International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction
>>and Development (The IMF and World Bank) and is recognized internationally
>>as a 19.96% voting share stockholder.
>>(10) The FORMER Presidential Cabinet Office of the Secretary of Treasury
>>has been dissolved and reciprocated to the alien, corporate "Governor" of
>>The IMF and The World Bank. This means the title, "Secretary of Treasury"
>>exists under PRETENSE OF NAME ONLY. Robert Rubin is the NEW GOVERNOR OF
>>AMERICA. He is the direct representative for the New Owners of America, THE
>>(11) ALL Branches, Departments and Agencies of the Bankrupted United States
>>take their orders directly from the "Secretary of Treasury" (The "Governor"
>>of The Fund and The Bank). This INCLUDES, but is not limited to, the
>>President of the United States; The U.S. House of Representatives; The U.S.
>>Senate; The Supreme Court; All Federal and State Courts; The Justice
>>Department; The IRS; The FBI; The BATF; The DEA; The CIA; The Attorney
>>General of the United States; All Military components; All State Governors,
>>(12) United States Currency - "Federal Reserve Notes" - are controlled by
>>the United Nations, which controls the non-governmental and privately owned
>>Federal Reserve Bank. Therefore, the International Bankers own all United
>>States Government and Residents' Real Estate, all Farms, all Vehicles, all
>>Businesses, all Churches via 501(c)(3) Corporations, and all HUMAN
>>You MUST ALWAYS ask this question when dealing with anyone who tells you
>>they are from the Government, be it the United States or the State of ....
>>that question is: WHO DIRECTS, CONTROLS, FINANCES and SUBSIDIZES their
>>operation? If they are dealing in the paper, that is to say, Federal
>>Reserve Notes, then they are not who they say they are. They are IMPOSTORS.
>>The International Organizations and agents connected with the United
>>Nations as well as their lackeys in Congress and riding the helms of State
>>Governments are well aware of the fact that ignorance, apathy, and implicit
>>faith are the friend and tool of chicanery, avarice, and fraud. They know
>>that it is easier to boil a frog slowly. When changes are brought about
>>slowly, gradually and insensibly, the awareness of the frog, like people,
>>is dulled to the reality of the surrounding condition and endangerment,
>>until it is too late and the condition is beyond cure. We are nearing that
>>threshold. Most people recognize that there is something wrong but they
>>cannot pinpoint the source of the problem. Such people customarily do
>>whatever is dictated to them. It is considered as TACIT CONSENT when no
>>resistance is offered. It does not matter whether the inaction is out of
>>ignorance or apathy. In all, there are three types of consent in the Law of
>>Nations. These three divisions are: (1) PRESUMED CONSENT which forms the
>>voluntary law; (2) EXPRESS CONSENT which forms the conventional law; and,
>>(3) TACIT CONSENT which forms the customary law.
>>The weapon to combat all of the foregoing is knowledge: an understanding of
>>the Constitution for the United States of America, including the missing
>>and original 13th Amendment, as well as the intestinal fortitude to STAND
>>isn't authorized or enumerated in the Constitution, it is FOREIGN. Let's
>>get rid of the sewage that's choking off OUR Governmental structure and the
>>Domestic Laws made in pursuance of the Constitution. Let's hold each and
>>every individual who is in public office, either elective or appointive, to
>>the full mandate of their Oath of Office.
>>More on the UN and INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS in a later series of
>>installments: "Human & Natural Resources And The New World Order." Stay
>>tuned . . . 
>>Permission to re-post granted.
>>/s/ John R. Prukop   
>>"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void."
>>--Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (2 Cranch) 137 (1803)
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>>action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly
>>prohibited, unless otherwise authorized herein.
>>Because e-mail can be altered electronically, the integrity of this
>>communication cannot be guaranteed.
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