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Subject: SLS: Our future with China is bleak (fwd)

>OCTOBER 27--As the Dow Jones tumbles to historic single-day losses and 
>the world's financial markets continue reeling from the fallout suffered 
>in Asia last week, Chinese president Jiang Zemin made his debut on 
>American soil.  Zemin's first visit to the states begins in Hawaii, 
>dubiously enough the site of the first ever Asian-led sneak attack on a 
>US possession.  
>Despite the warm and fuzzy proclamations of unity between the two 
>nations being made by Secretary of State Madeline Albright and president 
>Bill Clinton, thinking Americans already know how unrealistic those 
>predictions are.  China, while great in her own right, is not a nation 
>known for the government-sponsored promotion of democratic tendencies.  
>After millenniums of autocratic or authoritarian rule, there's no reason 
>to believe the Chinese leadership is going libertarian anytime soon.  In 
>fact, only a fool would believe that someone like Mr. Clinton or Ms. 
>Albright possesses the statesmanship needed to press US concerns about, 
>say, nuclear proliferation and human rights, with vigor, principle and 
>Just last week Mr. Zemin, in a speech delivered in China, admonished the 
>US for our 'incessant memory' of Tiannamen Square, what went on there, 
>and the steady erosion of human rights for Chinese dissidents since then. 
> Zemin's central tenet was, ''Who do we think we are,  chastizing the 
>communist leadership for these human rights abuses, when we are anything 
>but perfect in this regard?' 
>True, the US is not completely clean when it comes to human rights.  
>Consider, if you will, the abject refusal of basic human rights offered 
>to the murdered women and children at Waco, or to constitutionalist Randy 
>Weaver's wife Vicky, shot by an FBI sniper as she held her infant 
>daughter.  There isn't much on human rights to brag about in these two 
>But clearly, the US system of government -- even after taken to new low 
>levels of corruption by the current administration -- is still a much 
>better system than what exists in China.  And yet, also last week, 
>Americans discovered that their president and his equally clueless State 
>Department conceded Mr. Zemin's points, and found themselves agreeing 
>with Zemin, no doubt being duped by the accusatory doublespeak offered by 
>a tyrant.  But given Mr. Clinton's penchant for socialist, big-government 
>control, that shouldn't surprise anyone.  
>Worse, it's also likely that, in an effort to "win concessions" and 
>"smooth relations" with the Chinese, the administration will allow the 
>sale of new nuclear reactor technology to China by hungry nuclear power 
>companies who have been shut out of the US market, compliments of 
>tree-huggers like VP Al Gore.  
>This sort of dealing with China makes no sense to almost everyone.  Why 
>sell this kind of technology to somebody else when our own companies 
>cannot build and develop it here?  And what is this administration 
>thinking, giving this sort of technology to a regime which has vowed to 
>defeat us militarily and economically early in the next century?  
>According to a Pentagon report released last month, a working paper given 
>to the US by Chinese sources clearly states that the near-term objective 
>of China is to be able to circumvent US influence certainly in Asia, but 
>also in other areas of the globe.  According to the Pentagon's 
>translation, China views the US as a superpower in decline, while they 
>view themselves as one in the ascendency.  And, they are preparing to 
>prove it as soon as they are ready.  I suppose Clinton & Co. don't think 
>providing the Chinese with western nuclear technology will advance that 
>With such open contempt not only for this nation but for our way of life 
>and our principles of government, why in the world would any American 
>administration even consider getting cozy with the Chinese?  That's the 
>$64,000 question.
>I wouldn't go so far as to say that Mr. Zemin is using his visit to the 
>US as a reconnaisance mission, but clearly he wants to guage American 
>public opinion and the political solidarity of the country.  Because of 
>the destruction of faith in our government wrought by our leaders, this 
>could not be a worse time for a future superpower and aggressor nation's 
>leader to visit.  What he needs to see is unity, commonality of purpose 
>and the widespread sharing of similar principles.  We don't want him 
>leaving the country thinking we're disunited, disillusioned and aimless.
>But he will leave thinking that anyway, because no matter how united 
>against this alliance most Americans are, the Clinton team will continue 
>to stress just the opposite.  As they continue to negotiate away this 
>nation's security, ordinary Americans will be left shaking their heads in 
>disbelief and hoping for a miracle of diplomacy that will prevent the 
>coming confrontation.  *** 
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