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>>From the Outside Looking In.... with Nick Ashton 
>October 30th, 1997
>Is there a Chink in the Armor...? 
>By Nick Ashton 
>Today, privately and public China was asked to release political
>prisoners. Once by President Clinton privately and then publicly by Wolf
>Blitzer at the White House press conference. The answer, supposedly, was
>the same? No! We have heard the accusatory words, the cultural
>differences, history and down right despicable human rights or lack of
>them. Certainly a nation that is far removed from what we know and live by
>here daily. Oppression and poverty are natural daily events in China and
>believe it or not, in America too. Domestic violence, in both nations, the
>Chinese beat their wives and children without even batting an eye lid. In
>America, men and women beat each other and their children behind closed
>doors and we do nothing in public, unless we have to. Similarities, you
>bet your life! It doesn't stop there.
>We believe we're free, we talk about being free and we look at the
>newspaper stories, hear the talk on the radio and then we understand; we're
>not. Waco, Ruby Ridge and now Roby Illinois and Shirley Allen. It's going
>to take more blood to be spilled, before we then stand up as a nation,
>together, speaking aloud at the top of our voices, enough is enough! The
>attitude on human rights has to be addressed in our own nation first!
>Aggression is part of our daily lives, road rage, work stress, impatient
>and most of all short tempers. You see it, feel it and are part of it!
>There is no time like now, to admit, we, America are as bad, if not worse
>than China. We are hiding it and expecting other nations to stem their
>problems, before we address our own. Sadly, China is being attacked for
>political oppression inside China and in other countries like Tibet, yes it
>is wrong! But open your eyes and see for yourselves, there is oppression
>within our own society and we're all letting it pass us by.
>China is wrong, we are wrong. Shouldn't we be resolving our own internal
>problems? Shouldn't we admit it right here and now? Just where is the
>chink in the armor?
>Respectfully, Nick Ashton  
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