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Subject: SLS: Telephone Conversation with David Miller

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>Subject: Telephone Conversation with David Miller
>Telephone conversation with David Wynn Miller, September 3, 1997
>   David got into an argument with Federal District Judge in Milwaukee
>Federal, Randa, who put this in writing and sent it to him. Judge
>Jarvis ran a newspaper article in Salt Lake City on David - both Judges
>concurred, along with Missouri Federal Judge - 3 judges concurred on
>this. When David got the judges angry they said the United States of
>America doesn't exist, it's bankrupt. The United States District Court 
>is the power in the United States and the judges are in power, they
>rule the United States - that's what the federal judge said, quote
>unquote. The United States District Court, reading backward says the
>court/Judge has jurisdiction over the district which is the venue
>F.R.C.P. 12(b) (3). The word United States doesn't mean the united
>States of America. The word state is a condition of man which means
>a condition of the judge - the condition of the judges united. So 
>it's the united judges of America over the District of the geographical
>United States controlled by each district judge. That's why no one has
>been able to break the code on this thing. That's why its this court
>and these rules, because the federal and state judges have united to
>protect each other, which means they have created a sedition against
>the united States which is constructive treason. David got it in the
>paper [from Judge Randa, I think] because the paper says "[t]he" 
>brackets around the "t" means "he United States" which means the judge's
>United States of America. The judges have bonded together in a 
>conspiracy  to overthrow the united States government through this
>extortion. This proves the court is a foreign government, we have it in
>writing. People [going to trial] can say this in court because the
>United States capitalized is not the Constitution of the united States.
>United is an adjective describing state, which is the condition of a
>geographical area and because it's of America. America was a 
>geographical area of land so it's the united States of America. That's 
>why the lower "united" [in] united States was an adjective. When they 
>went to upper case United States District Court, it made it a corporate
>which means a corporation is a group of individuals. The definition of
>corporation is when two or more people come together for a legal matter
>or for commerce, they get paid by the United States government which
>makes it a corporation and it is a group of individuals in a legal
>matter and therefore by defintion the Corporation of the United States 
>has to be capitalized, giving the word "States" its unique meaning
>about the federal judges and state judges as the "united judges of
>America over the States". That's why we've been having such a hard time,
>we've got legitimate cases and they've not been able to dismiss any of
>our stuff in our jurisdiction, it's a criminal activity. Get this idea

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