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Subject: SLS: Judges and Admiralty (fwd)

>I cannot comment on the validity of the ideas expressed here, but 
>they appear to work for the writer.  Also, the suggested reading 
>sounds of value.  HT
>Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 10:16:35 -0700
>From: Thomas Markson <rsrchsoc@ionet.net>
>Subject: Judges and Admiralty
>Hello Charles,
>	Don't tell the judges they are not Article III.  We have had 
>every one of the U.S. judges here in Arizona state on the record that 
>they are Article III judges.
>	Here is how the judge problem was handled here in Arizona.  It 
>was a civil case about 10 years ago.  One of the old timer judges who 
>retired later and is probably dead, tried to say that the Constitution 
>did not apply in a particular case.  The Defendant, popped back at the 
>judge that if the Constitution did not apply, then his office was 
>vacant, because his very appointment was subject to the existence of the 
>Constitution.  He was also told that at that point the Court lacked 
>subject matter jurisdiction and that if the judge attempted to assert 
>jurisdiction under the circumstances, that he might subject himself to 
>suit in a state court.  One thing you should know, you must be prepared 
>to immediately file, no later than the next day, the lawsuit in state 
>court if the judge does not back down.
>	From that day forward, that judge was never a problem.  After a 
>couple of years of discovery and heated cross motions for summary 
>judgment that both parties lost, the government and the defendant 
>stipulated to dismissal and the case went nowhere.
>	Just before the Judge retired the Defendant ran into that judge 
>in the halls at the courthouse.  The judge remembered the guy and 
>thanked him for reminding him of "his place" as the judge put it.
>	We haven't had the same problem with any of the judges in cases 
>I have been involved with since that time.  As I told Chuck Stewart a 
>couple of days ago, I am not an attorney and I am not admitted to 
>practice law, but I do assist a lot of people.  I go into court with the 
>people as their "clerk."  We don't make a big deal out of it.  I just go 
>sit with the person.  The last couple of times I appeared in court I 
>have been addressed by the judge on how the party I am working with is 
>doing and what we plan to do.  The judge tried to ask the party, but 
>the party got flustered and had a difficult time explaining himself.  
>It happens even to me.  He reallized at that point that he was going to 
>get a quicker answer from me so that is when he talked to me directly 
>the first time.
>	What I have discovered over the years, is we have a job to 
>education.  Many of the judges want to help.  As long as we know the law 
>we are dealing with and do not go off into left field, the judges listen 
>and respect what is being said.  Sometimes they rule for us sometimes 
>against us.  Be assertive but not biligerent and the judge will 
>recognize the difference.
>	As far as admiralty involving international debt, it still has 
>to be plead in order for the judge to proceed.  He can proceed in 
>admiralty without notice, but even Rule 9(h) requires that the pleadings 
>on their face reveal that the facts alleged can permit it to proceed in 
>admiralty.  That is why most of the people I work with are Plaintiffs 
>and not Defendants.  It is the Plaintiff that calls the law into court. 
>So always make sure when you plead your case that admiralty facts do not 
>become a factor in the judges consideration or that those facts are not 
>brought to light.  It can be done.  One thing I always avoid doing when 
>I go into a federal court, I do not carry FRN's since they are evidence 
>of the U.S. Government's international debt.
>	You also state that the State's have lost their sovereignty.  
>They haven't lost it, the State legislatures simply do not no how to 
>exercise it.  It's still there, it just begun to attrophy from lack of 
>	Over the last few days, I have been putting the challenge out to 
>a few people to read three items.  I know Bill Bradley has received the 
>info.  I don't remember if I sent it to Chuck Stewart.  If I didn't 
>Chuck here it is.
>	They are "The Constitution of the United States, A Critical 
>Discussion of its Genesis, Development and Interpretation" by John 
>Randolph Tucker.  The Library of Congress No. is KF 4550.T8.  If you 
>can't find it in the local law library, I suggest you go to your public 
>library and get it through inter-library loan.  Do not be fooled by the 
>title, it covers more than just the Constitution.  It is also a slow 
>read, but it is extremely informative on solutions to a decaying 
>political structure.
>	Item number two is a law review article.  It is entitled 
>"Amplifying the Tenth Amendment" by John MacMullen.  It is in Vol. 31 of 
>the Arizona Law Review, Page 915.  Again do not be fooled by the Title. 
> It covers more than just the 10th Amendment.
>	Item number three is a U.S. Supreme Court Decision.  "Butler v. 
>U.S., 297 US 1 (1936).
>	I can guarantee that after you read these three things, and 
>combine it with the facts that you already know, you will know the 
>problem and hopefully you will figure out the fix.  If you can't figure 
>out the fix, if you just tell me in an E-mail where the problem is, I 
>will describe the fix.
>	I have stopped telling people the problem at this juncture 
>because they don't believe me and then they do not go out and read the 
>three things I just named above.  However, everyone that has taken me up 
>on the challenge has at least figured out the problem and about a third 
>actually figure out the fix.  The one thing I do give a hint to is that 
>the problem and the fix are both political.
>	I hope you will take the time.  It won't be wasted.
>Yours in Liberty,
>Thomas Markson

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