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Dear Friend,

I just "happened" to be just outside the
door to the County Board of Supervisors
as they began their routine meeting this
morning, so I invited myself in, to sit
in the audience.  The clerk took the roll, 
and then the Board immediately went into
executive session, without blinking an eye.

Yesterday, that Board was faxed just a few
of the criminal complaints that announce
many more to come.

On the way back, I stopped in the cathedral
to pray, where the risen Christ is found 
high above the altar, in place of the usual 
crucifix.  "I shall live on the Eucharist,"
He told me.  "Do not fear.  I am yours,
and you are Mine."

I sat in the front pew, all alone.  On the
way out, I cleansed my hands and face with
the blessed water and, as I stepped down a
small stairway which leads to the sidewalk,
sitting there was one of the public defenders 
from Dean's arraignment yesterday.  She was 
tying her shoes.

When she saw me, she briskly passed me, 
walking at a very fast clip, and headed 
straight for the fire department parking lot,
where she turned, to look back at me.

"These are the signs I bring to you, to show
you when the time is nigh!"  Al Stewart,
Roads to Moscow.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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