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>Subj:    SAFAN NO. 828.  Are You Ready to Declare Your Independence?
>Date:    97-11-02 23:20:47 EST
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> @ (    >    ) @          STOP ALL FEDERAL ABUSES NOW!!!
>       \   0  /          SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 828, Nov. 3, 1997
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>The following article is from Tom Henley, Chairman of the Project to 
>Restore the Republic.  You can find the form to Declare Your 
>Independence at:
>                http://www.sbacenter.com/proj-1.htm.  
>Send eMail today to:  tompayne@vic.com.  
>Remember - this is a PERSONAL "do" thing and is for those of us who 
>have been there, done that, and want  to take our country back from 
>those who no longer feel that "We the People" gave them their power 
>in the first place.
>                      RESTORE THE REPUBLIC
>         by Tom Henley (tompayne@vic.com   97-11-02 06:07:39 EST
>    The Project to Restore the Republic is now a reality. 
>                               It is happening. 
>We are in contact with people in all fifty states. People are declaring 
>their independence from the existing federal government. The word is 
>spreading among patriots and activists and constitutionalists and others 
>all across the spectrum of people who have had enough of suppression 
>and tyranny and corruption and are doing something about it.
>As in 1776, the time for letters to the editor, protests to the King, new 
>parties, secret committees, clandestine meetings, brave speeches in 
>the colonial parliaments, is past. 
>The Project is successful in reaching people because we have a simple 
>and powerful message: 
>     Our government is beyond all the usual means of 
>     correction.  It is bent on total subjugation of the 
>     state governments and total control of the people.  
>The evidence is clear and unequivocal. There is only one thing people 
>who want to be free can do in these circum-stances.  Declare your
>independence and form your own government to suit your needs.  
>Restore the Constitution and Bill of Rights.   And thereby 
>                              RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.
>The Project is legitimate because we follow time-honored historical and legal
>precedent and principle. This is exactly what the colonists did when the
>tyrannical and despotic acts of the King finally after many years of
>suffering became unbearable. 
>The Declaration of Independence was the only way to get out from under 
>an evil government and start a new one. Our justification for the Project 
>is in the exact same words written in 1776 and passed down to us today.
>The Project is effective because it does not depend on any government 
>entity to reach the goal of restoring the republic. The Declaration is by 
>individuals and is filed and registered with our own private organization.
>The Convention delegates will be selected and credentialed by a process  
>recognized in every state, county, precinct, ward, parish. The delegates 
>will be sworn to do nothing more than vote to rescind the constitution 
>and Bill of Rights and at the same instant re-adopt, reconstitute, and 
>re-ratify the original constitution and Bill of Rights without anything 
>else - -                  
>                                 - a clean slate - 
>   no laws, executive orders, supreme court decisions, treaties, 
>               agencies, elected officials, taxes, debts, etc.
>The state governments will suddenly be fully empowered as the 
>Founding Fathers envisioned. They will fill the gap until a federal 
>election can be held and a new federal executive, legislative, and 
>judiciary can be put in place. We can never ever again allow the 
>federal government to ignore the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of 
>the Bill of Rights.
>Some respondents have questioned our process. 
>    Can a group of people just declare their independence 
>                     and set up a new government? 
>                               Yes, they can. 
>That is exactly what happened in 1776-1791 to give us our great republic. 
>If there had been only a few thousand or even a few hundred thousand 
>(The population then was about 6 or 7 million.), then it would have 
>been easily put down by the King and his troops. 
>It started with a one person -  Thomas Paine - and then a few dozen, 
>and then thousands and eventually enough. The Declaration of Inde- pendence
>itself addresses this issue: "And accordingly all experience 
>hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are
>sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which 
>they are accustomed."  
>Two things make the Project legitimate: 
>     1) It is based on solid precedent, and 
>     2) if the people (enough people) do, it is done.
>People who depend on the government for their livelihood will not give 
>it up. Many won't.   But of the ones that have made personal declarations 
>so far, about a third are 'government dependents.'   Yes, people will give 
>up their government check when they know that they are getting freedom, 
>security, peace, and the right to pursue happiness for themselves and 
>their children. The colonists gave up everything for the republic. Friends 
>and relatives and business connections back home in Britain. Their 
>houses and crops burned. Their sons and husbands and fathers killed.  It 
>was a great price for them to pay. The Project depends on the funda-
>mental fairness and goodness of the American people.
>Contacts for Radio/News Interviews:
>      Tom Henley  (423) 971.1551 or
>      Dot Bibee Ph/FAX (423) 577-7011
>Mailing Address:  530 S. Gay St., #222, Knoxville, TN 37902
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>     "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."  Thomas Jefferson
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>           Dot Bibee  (SafanNews@aol.com)  Ph/FAX (423) 577-7011
>                 Index of Newsletters are available upon Request
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