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Subject: SLS: Judge attacks joe 6pk in open court (fwd)

>Subject: Judge attacks joe 6pk in open court
>                              Judge attacks joe 6pk in open court
>  On 10/28/97 I accompanied a patriotic sovereign named Roscoe Fields to
>criminal court in Anderson County, Tennessee where he appears regularly
>before Judge James B. Scott jr. "aka Buddy" on numerous charges for driving
>without the states permission ie. corporate driving license.
>   Indeed this was the second time I had accompanied Roscoe since learning of
>his plight of being arrested, charged criminally and forced incarceration not
>only in jail but also a mental facility for 4 months as well, even though
>this man is not ,nor ever has been crazy, he just believes strongly in his
>rights granted by God and enunciated under the Constitution of the {u}nited
>States of America.
>   As with all prior trips to the courthouse, I never go empty handed, I
>always carry documented information with me to pass out to anyone and
>everyone who will accept it. On this occaision I carried lots of copy's of a
>wanted poster for the murderer of Ken Trentadue and subsequent coverup by the
>FBI and so called Justice dept.,as well as only one copy of The Law of the
>Flag, since I had not gotten around to making more copies of it yet. I had
>noticed in my prior courtroom visit a flag with that fringe around it.
>   I delivered copies of the wanted poster to the Sherriffs office,posted two
>copies to the bulletin board out in the hall and handed many out to citizens,
>deputies, bailiffs as well as the district attorney, who was standing in the
>hall as well. I gave the one copy of the Law of the Flag to a bailiff whom I
>had given documented evidence regarding tyrrany in America on prior visits.
>   Upon entering the courtroom I sat seperate from Roscoe as I had done on
>the previous visit, because I want him to be focused on matters at hand.
>Several cases were called ahead of Roscoe and I marveled at how easily these
>defendants were processed by this judge into the waiting arms of a public
>defender who is sure to help them cop a plea to something.
>    Roscoe was soon called forward and as before did something that I guess
>is very frustrating to this black robed referee, in that he refuses to cross
>the railing and accept the judges jurisdiction over him in these matters and
>refuses to accept a socalled public defender, electing to DEFEND himself and
>asking for a jury trial. This once again seemed to upset "ol Buddy" and he
>chastised Roscoe for it as well as the number of cases like this that Roscoe
>has before him, for multiple alledged infractions. 
>    Now in defense of the judge, I am sure this can be very frustrating.
>After all a cattle roper just wants to get the cattle herded and to the barn,
>so he can get back to the bunkhouse and kick his feet up.
>   But what happened next, I was little prepared for. After chastising Roscoe
>he stated: I'm not sure if this man is with you or not, but I want to point
>out, this court is well aware this man has been passing out literature and
>the court views this very seriously and I don't like it. I don't know what
>this individual thinks he is doing here !
>   I felt the blood flow to my temples as I realized this black robed tyrrant
>was addressing me as I sat in this socalled court of law. I sprang to my feet
>and said: your honor I would like to address these charges. I'm not making
>any charges he retorted. Well it certainly appears to me you are I responded
>and I certainly did'nt come to this courtroom to be threatened or
>intimidated. What I passed out in this courthouse is important documented
>information,that is certainly my right to pass out, in exercising my first
>Amendment under the Constitution, I proclaimed.
>   He said this court aknowledges anyone has the right to pass out
>information, but this court does not like what you are doing, now you either
>set down or get out ,one or the other. Since I was apparently in his
>playground, I sat down and started writing notes. I guess now I know why that
>armed deputy came in for this session and that baliff came to stand behind
>me. Even though I passed through that metal detector I apparently was
>considered dangerous by this court and I assure you, KNOWLEDGE is danger to
>this court, as well as to a tyrannical government. Some just don't get the
>picture, it's the citizens of the several [u]nited States who rule. I guess
>some just need educating on this matter, so it's left up to us to do just
>that !
>   The judge released Roscoe once again under his pretrial release conditions
>and we headed out the doors, smelling the air of freedom as we exited. On the
>drive back to Roscoes, I was thinking to myself ,which of those bits of
>information I had passed out had caused Buddy to react so scornfully to a
>once silent citizen observer. The wanted poster had to do with the federal
>governments cover up of a murder, while the Law of the Flag had to do with
>what was hanging in that courtroom I noted as"Buddy's playground."
>    Call it conjecture on my part but I certainly think it was that Law of
>the Flag, which proves that miltary flag in that courtroom is not the Flag of
>our Constitutional Republic. I know it's my responsibility to point this
>error out to the Constitutional officer in this county and I certainly will
>do so, but you see there is one small problem with that, as you will soon
>    I have been trying for THREE MONTHS now to meet with my county Sheriffs
>community affairs officer, one Mark Whaley aka "Hollywood". My Congressmans
>(Wamp) field rep. Jack Copeland, suggested that I discuss some important
>Constitutional issues I had with Hollywood and gave me his phone number and
>after a couple calls I left on his answering machine, he returned my calls a
>few days later and I introduced myself and told him I had some Constitutional
>concerns and would like to meet with him face to face to address them. He
>stated he was currently busy with law enforcement school, but would meet with
>me as soon as possible and I said ok I'll just go ahead and drop some
>documentation off to you, so that you can familiarize yourself with what I
>would like to discuss with you first and then get the Sheriff and the threee
>of us set down and discuss them. He agreed, so I dropped off the documents.
>   In this three month interval I learned both the Sheriff and Hollywood have
>been to FBI training school at Quantico Virginia, even though the FBI has
>been investigating the Sheriffs office over some alledged prisoner beatings. 
>Can that be considered a conflict of interest ? I guess not if you are the
>International FBI.
>   I've caught up with Hollywood twice about a month ago, once as he was
>leaving the courthouse and he said he was runnning late and I asked if he
>even had a copy of the Constitution, he said he did'nt think so, I quickly
>whipped out my trusty pocket edition and handed it to him. Initially he
>refused my offer, but I told him: Hollywood these other deputies are getting
>educated a lot faster than you are, why they are even copying the information
>and passing it among themselves. He then accepted it and drove off. Another
>occaision I talked to him on the phone and he again stated he was busy with
>school. I asked him if he had looked at the documentation I had left and he
>said, a little bit, it seems kind of radical. I said Radical? This stuff is
>Constitutional and I feel it's important to discuss it, to get your stance on
>the Constitution. He proclaimed again how busy he was with school,but again
>promised we would get together to discuss it.
>   Jack Copeland since then has called on my behalf but still no meeting has
>occured. You may ask why I haven't barged in as I am sometimes known to do.
>It is because I wanted to be as cordial as possible and approach this matter
>in proper fashion,as any county citizen would do in a dignified manner. I
>feel we must enlighten our law enforcement officers respectfully to give them
>the opportunity to show they are commited to that oath they swore to uphold.
>Certainly I feel my Sheriffs dept is dropping the ball on this, never the
>less I will continue to give them the benefit of the doubt, until I can prove
>otherwise. I have heard they are trained to ignore citizens who are
>Constitutionally minded.
>   Well I have got to close this message and get to the courthouse before it
>closes, there is no sense in leaving these copies of the Law of the Flag
>laying around to gather dust, they need to be in peoples hands. Besides,it's
>our duty to report a violation of the Law of the Flag.
>joe 6pk (sburton3@aol.com) Plunging a New Whirrled Odor !!
>feel free to repost
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