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"SL" means "Supreme Law"  
"SLF" means "Supreme Law Firm"
"SLL" means "Supreme Law Library"
and so on.  See the Supremacy Clause.

Just a few items for your orientation:

1.  I have added you to our electronic list of "Friends";
    treat this list like a newspaper, and use it only if,
    and when, it is useful;  we remove names upon request;

2.  Familiarize yourself with all the documents in the
    Supreme Law Library at URL=http://supremelaw.com,
    because there is much there already, and a lot more
    is coming (SLL = Supreme Law Library);

3.  The class action we discussed is a very real possibility;
    take the time to study the case law under 42 USCA 1983,
    and also read Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF in SLL, with 
    special emphasis on the 2 classes of citizenship;

4.  The vast majority of attorneys and lawyers would want
    to proceed under Title 42, using a "civil rights" theory;
    we much prefer the powerful combination of statutes at
    18 U.S.C. 241 and 242;  read these statutes in reverse
    order:  first comes the deprivation of FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS,
    and then there is conspicy to violate same, when 2 or more

5.  Effective assistance of Counsel is a fundamental Right
    guaranteed by the Constitution for the United States of
    America;  as such, deprivation of this Right invokes
    18 U.S.C. 242 and, if 2 or more are conspiring to 
    perpetrate the deprivation, then it is also conspiracy,
    in violation of 241;

6.  Whenever you have 2 state employees conspiring to 
    violate 242, there are 4 felonies:  one count for
    violating 242, and one count of violating 241 for
    the one, and one count of violating each for the
    other;  now you see precisely why these statutes
    are so powerful;

7.  The penalties are severe for deprivations which 
    involve kidnapping;  false imprisonment can be
    regarded as kidnapping;  it is a matter for the
    jury to decide;

8.  The class action I see working, is one in which
    we screen City Court victims into two groups:
    those who were native born, and those who were not;
    the native-born will plead a specific status which
    invokes the U.S. Constitution against Arizona state
    officials, e.g. Jay Cranshaw and his cronies;

9.  A one-page flyer can be distributed with an explanation
    on the front page, and a sign-up/screening sheet on the
    back page;  we will provide a mailing location, and 
    require $10 to screen each case;  we will then hire
    paralegals to verify the case number, name of party,
    nature of the case, and its disposition;  if they don't
    qualify, we send the money back (this eliminates our
    liability); if they do qualify, we send back a confirmation
    with an application form and directions for paying $100
    to join the class;

10. The City of Tucson is liable on two big counts:  their
    Intergovernmental Agreement ("IGA") has not been renewed
    by the Superior Court;  and, they are arraigning people
    without effective assistance of Counsel, in direct
    violation of the Sixth Amendment;  even if we lose on the
    IGA point, there is no question but that they are arraigning
    people without Counsel (e.g. people who know about the IGA
    problem, like Us!);  

11. We can negotiate a solution with the City, by moving towards
    a massive class action, and a bona fide settlement offer
    (carrot and stick), in which we propose that the settlement
    amount be derived from a "tax" on the airport revenues,
    effectively returning its control back to the City Council.

12. To confirm what I am saying to you, do two things:
    visit the downtown bus depot, right near the Congress
    Hotel, and note the name of the archways:  "Ronstadt";
    two, go into the City Court building downtown,
    begin asking who owns that building, and see how far
    you get;  we have confidential information that it is
    the Ronstadt family, NOT the City of Tucson!!  

    Need I say any more?

Stay in touch.  It was great to hear from you.
Use this email address for private email and
[address in tool bar] for public list traffic.


/s/ Paul Mitchell

p.s. Tell your friends about SLL.  It's FREE!
and its terrific (even if I do say so myself :)

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At 01:42 PM 11/4/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Good to hear from you. I was planning to send you an e-mail today just to 
>keep in touch.
>Hold your package for now anyway; I will give you a new address shortly.
>Been a busy day for me. The city seems to have lost my paperwork and I 
>wasn't arrested afterall. So they directed me to bring all my 
>documentation to city hall this morning. Another eye opening experience.
>Go to get going... Seeing a lawyer at 1400. Will, write later. I would 
>really like to talk to you about getting this airport back to the people 
>who built it.

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