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>Hello Everyone!
>While perhaps it's an unlikely spot to locate breaking news about the
>Libertarian Party, it seems that the Pointcast Network (pointcast.com) has a
>new channel on their vast Push-based international infrastructure dedicated
>entirely to Libertarian thought. 
>I must advise you though, that the Pointcast system is not for everyone,
>especially in the latest iteration of their news delivery system, which, like
>most 32 bit software, seems to be especially memory hungry. The minimum
>standard that I have found that flawlessly works with Pointcast loaded and
>operational is 16 MEG of RAM (although it likes 32 MEG) and at least 20
MEG of
>hard drive real estate, depending upon how many news channels you prefer to
>take. It also helps to have a phone line dedicated to the computer, but I
>imagine you could work around that if needed.
>These hardware issues and restrictions aside, if you sign up for Pointcast,
>you can receive newspapers from around the entire world for free, and various
>channels of varying content, one of which happens to be the Libertarian News.
>Having just completed reading six of the seven news stories, I found it be
>both fascinating and informative material.
>There is no easy method of learning difficult things.  The
>method is to close the door, give out that you are not at
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