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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: Mike Kemp on JBGThuggery
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I will not cease, because this issue of
billing is the tip of an ice berg which
75 percent of the Internet is too cowed
to address.  Something has happened to
silence Mike Kemp, and if he was threatened,
that is a threat which affects everyone
who might attempt to take the same legal 
course which he took.  That work is published,
and the silence is deafening.  So, please
don't attempt to pigeon-hold this question,
merely by diminishing it to a mere "billing"
issue.  This is financial terrorism, America,
rearing its ugly head again.  Why don't you
ask Mike Kemp yourself why he will not honor
a comparatively small invoice?  Will you
then honestly share his response with us?
Is that something which he is completely
unwilling to do himself?  If so, Why?  WHY???

Maybe you ought to throw me off this list, then,
if this is the attitude which most of you have.

I am frankly sick of the hypocrisy.  Really sick!

And you can quote me.  Ya, you do that!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Dale Robertson, Habeas Corpus Expert,
       witness to the events in question

At 01:30 PM 11/1/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>Get lost, Mr. Brady.
>>You're wasting my time.
>>We'll see what YOU do
>>when someone commits
>>grand theft against you.
>>/s/ Paul Mitchell
>He's not alone, Paul.  This list is for discussions concerning 
>liberty and justice, not for billing alleged clients.
>Your comments regarding your alleged clients are not appreciated 
>on the list; please cease them.
>- Monte
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