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Subject: SLF: Mike Kemp on JBGThuggery
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And the drug war in which Kemp was entrained
is happening all across this land, in every
state, in every county, and in every city.
Ask your children if there are drugs in 
their grade schools, middle schools, and
high schools.  Kemp's case was scuttled
when we made clear our intentions to sue
out the evidence of DEA financial support
to the Etowah County Drug Task Force, using
our original research into the Freedom of
Information Act.  The proof is all in the
Supreme Law Library, if you dare to open
your eyes to THAT evidence.  But, don't let
me disturb the dizzying electrons which
bedazzle your eyeballs;  they might get
strained by all the big words we used
in Kemp's pleadings, like "the", "supreme"
and "Law".

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 06:25 AM 11/2/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Starbase to Hale-Bopp.  Starbase to Hale-Bopp.  Return to Earth
>immediately.  Repeat, return to Earth immediately.  
>/s/ Todd Xavier Gillespie
>Down by the old mill stream (not the river but the stream)
>Without prejudice,  USC 110/70
>On Sat, 1 Nov 1997, Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>> My quotes about hypocrisy have
>> EVERYTHING to do with this situation.
>> EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
>> Do I make it any softer on you
>> to call it a double standard?
>> Let's hear it for euphemisms.
>> Liberty and Justice!  Hear Hear!!
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> http://supremelaw.com
>We don't have a bigger problem than the violence which is eating the heart
>out of this country, and the breakdown of the basic fabric of values that
>says it is wrong to hurt other people; it is wrong to act in an instant
>for some momentary advantage in ways that will devastate other people's
>lives; it is wrong to take this kind of advantage.   -- Bill Clinton
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