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Subject: SLS: The Octopus on the Internet (fwd)

>The Octopus on the Internet
>1. Never forget for a second that if the
>cover-up fails, we are totally ruined.
>You are fighting for your life.
>2. Establish your credentials on the net
>as leading critics of the Clinton
>administration and experts on the
>Clinton administration scandals.
>Infiltrate the environment of your
>enemies and take on their coloration.
>Follow the example of Lawrence W. Myers.
>3. Post many authoritative news clips to
>bolster your position of authority and
>4. Try to seize control of newsgroups
>and mailing lists, trading on the
>leverage you have acquired in
>instruction 3. Establish yourself as
>gatekeepers and arbiters of acceptable
>5. Develop in private communications
>relationships of trust with the most
>effective investigators on the net into
>the Clinton administration scandals. The
>intelligence you acquire on these
>troublemakers may be useful in designing
>future covert operations.
>6. Be forceful, even brutal, in
>dictating what subjects contributors can
>or cannot discuss.
>7. Especially attack the Clinton
>administration's explanation of Vince
>Foster's death, since defending the
>official reports on Foster is a lost
>cause anyway. Admit that the Foster case
>smells, but turn attention away from the
>real culprits in the scandal. Acquire
>dominating control over the issue. If we
>lose control of the Foster spin, our
>entire edifice will collapse.
>8. Defend the Kenneth Starr
>investigation into Vince Foster's death.
>Stall for time. By the time Starr issues
>an essentially meaningless report,
>almost everyone will have forgotten
>about Vince Foster.
>9. Try to block any inquiries into and
>discussion about the Clinton
>administration scandals that extend
>beyond Bill and Hillary Clinton and
>their immediate circle of Arkansas
>10. Try to block any inquiries into and
>discussion about the Foster case and
>related scandals which involve Israel
>and Mideast politics. Smear anyone who
>delves into these matters as
>"anti-Semitic." Rigidly define any
>discussion about Israel's involvement as
>11. Especially try to block any
>inquiries into and discussion about the
>Clinton administration scandals which
>involve the CIA, the Mossad, the
>Republican Party, Ronald Reagan, Bill
>Casey, George Bush, neoconservatives,
>Iran-Contra, Mena, PROMIS, drug
>trafficking, arms trafficking or
>advanced espionage technology.
>12. When topics arise in a newsgroup
>that touch sensitively on Octopus
>interests, flood the channel with canned
>text and stale articles on safe topics.
>Dilute the impact of objectionable
>messages: flush them out with a large
>volume of approved messages. Bury
>important issues and points with an
>avalanche of trivial information.
>Present your efforts to obscure as a
>noble campaign to enlighten.
>13. When one of your fellow shills runs
>into trouble, rush to his defense.
>Support each other and cover one
>another's back.
>14. The key point to keep in mind is to
>create a false impression of furiously
>investigating the Clinton administration
>scandals while preventing the
>investigations from going anywhere
>important. Follow the model of Al
>D'Amato. Bog down the investigation in
>endless disputes over trivial details
>that go nowhere.
>15. Team up on anyone who is getting too
>close to the truth and who won't easily
>back down. Gang bang the troublemaker.
>Bash him or her silly with a heavy dose
>of verbal violence.
>16. When the team is losing badly on
>points, and gangbanging hasn't worked,
>jam the newsgroup with torrents of
>verbal violence, repetitive canned text
>and vicious personal attacks so that all
>the substantive points get lost in the
>ugly noise. Destroy the channel. Make it
>impossible for intelligent contributors
>and readers to pursue a substantive
>discussion. If you can't shut up an
>adversary who is consistently beating
>you on points, then burn down the entire
>17. When you are being badly beaten in a
>fair and open discussion which relies on
>facts and reason, and when gangbanging
>has proved ineffective, and when channel
>jamming has failed, convey threats of
>bloodcurdling physical violence against
>your adversary and his or her family.
>When you are accused of issuing threats,
>claim that you were only joking, even
>though you have never displayed signs of
>a sense of humor in the past and are
>renowned for your grim fanaticism and
>obsessive stalking.
>18. When veiled threats of physical
>violence fail, use the latest softwar
>technology to block the transmission of
>objectionable messages throughout the
>Internet and Usenet.
>19. When all the above methods fail, run
>a covert operation against any adversary
>who proves to be too difficult to handle
>by the above methods. After all, who of
>consequence has come to the defense of
>Patrick Knowlton? You can get away with
>anything with enough supporting spin
>control. The Octopus has loyal assets in
>strategic positions in all the major
>media and all throughout the government.
>20. Final option: remember what happened
>to Danny Casolaro, Amiram Nir, Robert
>Maxwell and Vince Foster.
>Wayne McGuire

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